Automate your ABM campaigns and drive more revenue

With Metadata, use one platform to run your ABM and demand gen campaigns – to drive better results.

Carlos Tobon
Head of Demand Generation
“We started from scratch with our advertising campaigns so having Metadata’s platform and expertise helped us get up and running much faster than we thought we’d be able to. We needed to generate leads and pipeline ASAP. Metadata is doing a great job getting us there.”
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Finding the right tool is really hard

It’s difficult to make sense of what ABM platforms can actually do for you. Most say they do the same thing, with some fancy buzzwords mixed in. You don’t know what’s real and what’s not.

You don’t have an endless budget and you definitely can’t afford to waste it on the wrong tools. You need to deliver results so you can prove you made the right decision internally.

We know what it’s like. We’re marketers too. 

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Connect your ad channels, marketing automation platform and Salesforce, then let Metadata do the rest. Your budget is automatically reallocated to the campaigns that drive revenue.

Clearly the best platform for ROI

Our customers, on average, see positive ROI within ten months of implementing Metadata. Every other competitor doesn’t show ROI within the first year. And this is all being reported by their own customers.

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You did your research. You saw enough social proof. And you want to see the real thing.

Godard Abel

“Metadata operationalizes intent data and deploys campaigns in a way that far exceeds the human capability. At G2, it showed a direct impact on pipeline creation.”

decrease in CPL
Guillaume Cabane
VP of Growth, ex-Gorgias / Drift / Segment

“Metadata automates the tedious tasks of our campaign building with the power of 10 campaign managers. Metadata can launch hundreds of campaigns in a few minutes based on the criteria I give them & the goal of the campaign.”

Katie Stuart
Director of Demand Generation, BigID
The platform is the best I’ve seen to target the right people at the right accounts, show your ads across a variety of platforms, experiment to find the right messaging, imagery, and CTA per audience – and most importantly, to generate quality leads and drive real ROI.
Daniel Frohnen
CMO, Sendoso
Within the first 90 days using Metadata, we saw our largest increase in lead volume, and ultimately our lowest CPL of any other quarter.


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Andrew Racine
Head of Global Demand Generation, Fivetran

“Without Metadata, we simply couldn’t execute the volume of campaigns and tests which in turn compound over time to make our MQL creation as efficient as it is today.”


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Carlos Tobon

Head of Demand Generation,

“Metadata not only gave me the platform to optimize my budget and target the right people, but an extended team that I could rely on.”


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You did your research. You saw enough social proof. And you want to see the real thing.