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Learn how Metadata can help you automate your paid campaigns and drive more revenue without a bigger team or more budget.

Megan Boone

Senior Director of Revenue Marketing, ThoughtSpot

“We can finally focus on strategy, creativity, and driving more revenue, instead of getting bogged down by task-oriented, time-consuming work. With Metadata – we’re smarter as a demand gen team than we’ve ever been.”


in pipeline generated

Increase your team’s capacity

Get the power of 10 campaign managers by removing manual, mundane, and technical tasks from launching and managing paid campaigns. Use Metadata to automate your paid campaigns and drive revenue.

Find your next growth channel, faster

Build and scale campaigns across Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and display directly from Metadata. Build laser-focused audiences with data from over 22+ data sources including your CRM, website, intent platforms, and our proprietary database of 1.5 billion (with a b) B2B profiles.

Boost ROI without overspending

Integrate your CRM into Metadata and let the platform automatically allocate spend to ads that drive deals – not just leads. Set smart optimization rules so poor-performing experiments are turned off and your ad spend is optimized across channels.

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Automate your paid campaigns and drive more revenue

Metadata eliminates manual and repetitive work for B2B marketers so you can focus on strategy and creativity

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Godard Abel

“Metadata operationalizes intent data and deploys campaigns in a way that far exceeds the human capability. At G2, it showed a direct impact on pipeline creation.”

decrease in CPL
Guillaume Cabane
VP of Growth, ex-Gorgias / Drift / Segment

“Metadata automates the tedious tasks of our campaign building with the power of 10 campaign managers. Metadata can launch hundreds of campaigns in a few minutes based on the criteria I give them & the goal of the campaign.”

Katie Stuart

Senior Director, Demand Generation, BigID

The platform is the best I’ve seen to target the right people at the right accounts, show your ads across a variety of platforms, experiment to find the right messaging, imagery, and CTA per audience – and most importantly, to generate quality leads and drive real ROI.
Daniel Frohnen
CMO, Sendoso
Within the first 90 days using Metadata, we saw our largest increase in lead volume, and ultimately our lowest CPL of any other quarter.


in pipeline generated
Andrew Racine
Head of Global Demand Generation, Fivetran

“Without Metadata, we simply couldn’t execute the volume of campaigns and tests which in turn compound over time to make our MQL creation as efficient as it is today.”


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Carlos Tobon

Head of Demand Generation,

“Metadata not only gave me the platform to optimize my budget and target the right people, but an extended team that I could rely on.”


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