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How GitPrime Generated $4.2M in Pipeline in 90 Days with Metadata


The Company

GitPrime provides tens of thousands of software engineers with objective data on their contributions and impact. The GitPrime platform aggregates historical git data into easy to understand insights and reports, to help make engineering teams more successful.

The Challenge

With aggressive growth goals, GitPrime needed to generate better leads, improve lead conversion rates, and move existing opportunities through their pipeline.

All with a lean Marketing team and even leaner budget.

The Solution

GitPrime chose the Metadata autonomous demand generation platform to generate top-of-funnel leads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and programmatic networks and accelerate them through the funnel. Metadata enables GitPrime to quickly generate custom audiences of contacts, and pretarget those contacts with ads to see which convert and generate pipeline. Metadata does this by first sourcing custom audiences of contacts fitting GitPrime’s ideal customer profile from Metadata’s extensive network of data providers, and then targeting those contacts with massively-scaled multivariate ad experiments on Facebook, LinkedIn, and programmatic networks. Metadata monitors which ads lead to new or influenced opportunities, and automatically optimizes GitPrime’s ads to generate the most pipeline and revenue.

Metadata optimizes every permutation of collateral, audience, creative and channel at scale, with zero human intervention. GitPrime’s lean marketing team can now punch above their weight class with dozens more campaigns than they could execute manually. They can also free up many hours per week to focus on value-added tasks, versus the manual UTM tagging, data enrichment, and A/B testing tasks that they might have to spend on even a few campaigns on each different ad channel before implementing the Metadata autonomous demand generation platform.

I showed our results to a group of marketing leaders recently and was asked, are you using Terminus? I said, No, it’s Metadata - way better (and more affordable).

Michael Smith
VP of Growth Marketing, GitPrime

The Results

Within their 90 days of launching Metadata, GitPrime was able to:

  • Run 200+ campaign experiments
  • Generate 500+ leads that fit their ideal customer profile
  • Engage 60 accounts from their target account list
  • Create $4.2M in qualified pipeline