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How AtScale Increased Qualified Leads by 200% in 6 Months


The Company

AtScale makes business intelligence work on big data. They target data architects, data analysts, business analysts, big data architects and BI analysts. With such a specific target market, AtScale has to rely on Account Based Marketing in order to fill the funnel with Marketing Qualified Leads, and turn them into Sales Qualfied Leads.

The Problem

In a crowded, competitive, and often confusing Big Data solutions market, AtScale needed to find ways to better target and attract the right audience. AtScale’s marketing team historically leveraged social media to find and attract new Prospects. However, they struggled with poor lead quality and low conversion rates. Not wanting to simply throw more money and people at the problem, the AtScale marketing team was determined to make social media marketing an effective lead generation channel. Besides the need for targeted, high-performing campaigns, AtScale needed to extend their team’s capabilities without adding headcount.

The Solution

AtScale signed up for a 6-month pilot program utilizing Metadata’s autonomous demand generation platform, with the goal of increasing lead quantity, quality and conversion rates. The Metadata solution automatically analyzed and enriched AtScale’s existing Salesforce data and generated thousands of look-alike leads based on AtScale’s best performing accounts. The Metadata managed service team built new social marketing campaigns using LinkedIn and Facebook to target this new look-a-like audience. Not only did these campaigns drive more MQLs but better quality MQLs.

In a noisy and crowded social marketing world, Metadata helps us reach our ideal customer profile and drive the right responses from the right prospects.

Gonzalo Mannucci
Sr. Dir. of Demand Generation

The Results

Metadata’s ability to build highly targeted look-a-like audiences combined with the expertise to deliver optimized social marketing campaigns resulted in significant returns for AtScale. Within 6 months, they increased Marketing Qualified Lead volume by 2x over previous efforts, and 81% of the leads generated by Metadata-managed campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook were a direct match to AtScale’s target audience.