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How Distil Networks Improved Cost-Per-Lead and Conversion Rates


The Challenge

Distil Networks is the first easy and accurate way to identify and police malicious website traffic, blocking 99.9% of bad bots without impacting legitimate users. Distil’s vision is to make online applications more secure with API security, realtime threat intelligence, a 24/7 security operations center, and complete visibility over online application traffic.

In the constantly evolving and highly competitive IT security industry, having a world-class solution isn’t enough; you also have to stay top-of-mind for the millions of security professionals whose job it is to secure our digital world. Distil needed to find a way to build awareness and generate demand with these potential customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. As is the focus of most modern demand generation teams, generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs) that turn into pipeline and revenue was of primary concern to the marketing team at Distil. The question was – how to generate the volume of top-of-funnel leads they needed without wasting their limited digital marketing budget on audiences that are poor targets for Distil’s solution?

The Solution

Distil Networks turned to Metadata to scale their demand gen efforts while simultaneously lowering their CPL. Metadata’s patented autonomous demand generation solution operates with four main steps. First, Metadata enriches Distil Networks’ existing CRM and customer data and creates an ideal customer profile (ICP). Next, it uses that ICP to identify net-new target account contacts via Metadata’s buyer intent data partners. Third, the Metadata employs an AI Operator that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to conduct offer and channel ad experiments against those target contacts at a massive scale. This enables Distil Networks to quickly discover and double-down their ad spend on the ad channels and assets that convert at the highest rates. Lastly, Metadata delivers net-new top-of-funnel leads to Distil for nurturing and follow-up.

The constant intelligence we get from Metadata helps us be more data-driven, and generate a more predictable flow of leads for the Sales team.

Elias Terman
VP of Marketing

The Results

With the Metadata, Distil has been able to conduct hundreds of experiments in the first six months. This has dramatically increased Distil’s lead-to-MQL conversion rate to over 85%, and similarly reduced their cost-per-lead by over 44%.