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How ReFuel4 Increased Qualified Leads by > 50% in 4 Months


The Company

ReFUEL4 is the world’s only AI driven creative ads platform. Using a neural network and image recognition technology, ReFUEL4 helps advertisers globally predict performance, produce both video and static ads and refresh content at scale. ReFUEL4’s platform and network of designers ensures that online advertisers only run the very best, highest performing ads.

The Problem

As a B2B organization in the new niche market of ad creative data technology, ReFUEL4 realized that finding the best channels to reach their potential customers is not an easy, straightforward initiative. ReFUEL4 needed help to optimize and accelerate the generation of new marketing qualified leads to feed their growing sales team and reach their revenue goals.

The Solution

While searching for a solution, ReFuel4 came to the realization that most of the lead generation solutions on the market were running outdated processes that did not take into consideration the harmony between data and technology. ReFUEL4 ultimately wanted a partner that shared their same entrepreneurial drive and spirit with cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive solution that could meet their business needs to deliver qualified leads into their sales funnel. ReFUEL4 selected Metadata.

It’s as if we now have a predictable pipeline on autopilot.

Vernon Vasu

The Results

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Metadata conducted 400 to 500 experiments each month to find the 15% winning combinations. After only 120 days Metadata’s autonomous demand generation platform generated over 835 leads and 551 qualified prospects for ReFUEL4, delivering a better than 50% lift in qualified leads as compared to previous campaigns.

“Ultimately we wanted a partner that shared our same entrepreneurial spirit who could provide a comprehensive solution that could deliver qualified leads into our sales funnel,” said Vernon Vasu, Co-Founder, ReFUEL4. “Metadata fine-tuned our marketing operations, finding red flags in audience, channel, landing pages, creative and messaging. It’s as if we now have a predictable pipeline on autopilot.”