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How Skedulo Increased Lead Conversion Rates and Target Account Penetration


The Company

Skedulo is cloud-based platform for mobile workforce management. Their solution helps enterprises intelligently schedule, dispatch and track resources in the field. Founded in 2013, Skedulo currently handles millions of appointments for over 40,000 mobile workers across hundreds of customers.

After securing their latest round of funding, Skedulo needed to expand the reach of their marketing and sales efforts in order to build market share. They knew they wanted to pursue an account-based marketing approach in order to build awareness and generate leads from the right contacts at their target accounts. Yet, they still had limited staff resources to execute on their demand gen programs.

The Solution

After an exhaustive search of ABM platforms, Skedulo turned to the Metadata autonomous demand generation platform to scale their demand generation efforts. First, Metadata enriches and analyzes existing CRM and customer data and consults data from Metadata’s buyer intent data partners to identify netnew contacts from accounts that matter. Next, Metadata’s AI Operator targets those contacts with multivariate ad tests on social media and programmatic ad channels and optimizes these tests for conversion rates and opportunity creation. Finally, Metadata delivers net-new leads, which are enriched and loaded into Skedulo’s marketing automation and CRM systems for nurturing and follow-up, and the closed-loop cycle begins anew.

Metadata’s AI Operator tests combinations of offers and creative at a scale that we simply could not match with manual efforts, and costs-per-lead and conversion rates have improved accordingly.

Aya Fawzy
Director of Marketing

The Results

In Skedulo’s case, Metadata conducted dozens of multivariate ad tests using multiple images, assets and audiences, on multiple channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. The increase in conversion rate and target account penetration were immediately apparent.

With Metadata’s patented approach, Skedulo jump-started their account-based marketing program, increasing the volume of laser-focused, net-new leads by 120%, and improving lead-to-conversion rate by 75% in the first six months. Skedulo also penetrated 30% of their new target accounts within 3 months.