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How Uservoice Improved Lead to Conversion by 33% in 90 Days


The Company

UserVoice develops product feedback management software that transforms the way businesses gather and analyze customer feedback and prioritize feature requests to drive strategic product decisions.

The Problem

UserVoice was looking for a way to increase the efficiency of their pipeline while reducing the time spent on manual day-to-day optimization of paid ad campaigns.

The Solution

After a 4 week funnel analysis period Metadata was able to identify precise demographic, technographic and buyer intent targets for the purpose of deploying re-targeting ad campaigns. Upon launching programmatic advertising campaigns across social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and other publishers, UserVoice’s pipeline began filling with qualified, significantly more targeted leads.

“Metadata started to show a positive ROI within months of the engagement,” said UserVoice’s Director of Growth & Acquisition, Gaurav Saini. “I was impressed by the quality of leads generated and at the pace Metadata was able to reduce our time spent on day-to-day campaign optimization. This helped free up my time and focus on creating new marketing programs, all while building a far stronger, more qualified pipeline.”

Metadata started to show a positive ROI within months of the engagement.

Gaurav Saini
UserVoice Director of Growth & Acquisition

The Results

Based on its patented algorithm coupled with machine learning and artificial intelligence, Metadata’s platform delivered a 33% increase in MQL to opportunity when compared to previous similar campaigns, engaging 11.7% of those accounts and yielding 13 new opportunities. In addition, Metadata drove UserVoice’s opportunity acquisition costs down by 10% and saved the marketing team nearly 20% of the time it was spending on less technical aspects of marketing, allowing them to dedicate more time to high value-added tasks such as growing the team and adding new programs.