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AlignCommerce Triples Customer Acquisition in Six Weeks


The Company

AlignCommerce, a disruptor in the FinTech space was interested in focusing its marketing efforts on a more specific subset of customers. Previously, other marketing efforts such as paid search, resulted in a broad, non-focussed lead database and caused large fall out at the beginning of the funnel. AlignCommerce was looking to narrow its marketing focus and obtain more qualified leads throughout different channels.

The Problem

The company was looking to grow- it faced a new challenge: how can they accelerate their marketing reach and acquire more customers faster while maintaining or reducing customer acquisition costs?

The Solution

AlignCommerce has initially used Metadata technology to screen their new product signups and fight fraud. However, as the company was looking to grow – it faced a new challenge: how can they accelerate their marketing reach and acquire more customer, faster, while maintaining or reducing customer acquisition cost?

After a couple of weeks analysis of AlignCommerce previous paid search and social media campaign and throughout an entire analysis of their funnel, Metadata setup a 4 weeks plan to run dozens of small segmented experiments, each targeting a different cluster of behaviors or demographic metadata identified after the analysis phase.

Collaborating with Elina Gitlin, AlignCommerce’ Head of Marketing, Metadata was able to create a look-alike targeting campaign and pull in qualified signups that converted into transacting customers. Metadata also helped optimize the landing page design and content to guarantee the qualified crowd isn’t lost. Finally, Metadata setup a re-targeting campaign to pull back unconverted leads and started the campaign.

In the process, Metadata helped Align Commerce build a substantial, significantly more targeted pipeline using its proprietary algorithm and subsequently generating more qualified leads. Elina Gitlin, Head of Marketing at Align Commerce explained: “Metadata’s proprietary algorithm helped Align Commerce reduce overhead costs by sending more qualified leads through at the top of the funnel, therefore reducing the need for Align to hire additional resources for lead curation.”

As the campaign experiments reached an end, Metadata was able to help AlignCommerce generate x4 times the volume of sales qualified prospects. While the campaign is self-optimizing for the time being, AlignCommerce has fueled it with a solid monthly spend as it supports their predictable revenue stream.