Get a lobstah dinner on Metadata at INBOUND

Join us for good food and better company on September 7th.

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Save your spot at dinner with us

We’ll be in town for INBOUND, so we figured we had to do it right. And by right, we mean go full Boston and host a dinner at Legal Sea Foods.

You’ll get to hang and talk shop with B2B marketing leaders and the rest of the Metadata crew in town. With plenty of laughs to be had after a long day at INBOUND.

The rest of the important stuff


Who will be there

Join some of the Metadata crew for a chance to mingle in person

Dave Gerhardt

Founder, Exit Five

Holly Chen

Founder, ExponentialX

Ross Simmonds

CEO, Foundation Marketing

Peep Laja

CEO, Wynter

Amanda Natividad

VP Marketing, SparkToro

Devin Reed

CEO, The Reeder

Emma Stratton

Founder, Punchy

Eddie Shleyner

Founder, VeryGoodCopy

Kaylee Edmondson

Director of Demand Generation, brightwheel

Gil Allouche

CEO, Metadata

Korina Edwards

President, MatterMade

Jason Widup

VP Marketing, Metadata

Adam Goyette


Silvio Perez

Head of Product Innovation, Metadata

Danielle Diamond

Founder, EpiqMedia

Mark Huber

Head of Brand & Product Marketing, Metadata