B2B marketers use Metadata to automate low-value work and drive better performance. At the same time.


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We can finally focus on strategy, creativity, and driving more revenue, instead of getting bogged down by task-oriented, time-consuming work."
Megan Boone
Senior Director of Revenue Marketing, ThoughtSpot


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“Metadata not only gave me the platform to optimize my budget and target the right people, but an extended team that I could rely on.”
Carlos Tobon
Head of Demand Generation,


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“Without Metadata, we simply couldn’t execute the volume of campaigns and tests which in turn compound over time to make our MQL creation as efficient as it is today.”
Andrew Racine
Head of Global Demand Generation, Fivetran

B2B marketers are drowning in manual work

Exporting from multiple data sources and using spreadsheets for everything from audience building to reporting. Recreating the same campaigns over and over again. Doing a ton of repetitive work by hand and feeling like a mindless operator of apps. Enough is enough. This isn’t why we became B2B marketers.

Punching above our weight class

Misunderstood by analysts. Loved by our customers. We’re building the first operating system for B2B marketing. And it’s creating some serious momentum for a company our size.

Our customers can’t imagine life without Metadata, either

Without Metadata

With Metadata

Your tech stack should work for you

Not the other way around. Metadata integrates with your marketing automation platform, Salesforce and other tools in your stack. This saves you serious time and frustration from having to use a bunch of spreadsheets with 17 tabs to launch your campaigns.

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