How to Spot the Best Leads in Pain

Gil Allouche

Sep 18, 2017

Imagine you’ve engineered a successful lead acquisition campaign. Maybe it was through Adwords.  Maybe you targeted look-a-like audiences in Facebook.  Or perhaps you managed to tame the beast that is Linkedin Self-Service ads.

But you’re feeling good. Lots of leads, all under your target CPL. There’s just one problem.

Your new leads won’t give your Sales Development Reps the time of day.  

Whose fault is it?

Did you source bad leads? Is your Sales team unknowingly rude and incompetent?  

The answer is that no one is at fault. Your leads aren’t duds. Your Sales team aren’t monkeys in suits.  

Your leads simply need to be warmed up until they’re comfortable enough to talk with Sales.

Nurturing leads is not as straightforward as it might seem, however.


For example, scoring your leads, that is measuring how warm your leads are, can depend on a variety of factors.

It can depend on your company’s stage of growth.

It can depend on the level of pain your leads feel. It can depend on many more variables.

How Nurturing Leads Works

So what does nurturing a lead actually look like?

Well, it starts with some type of Marketing Automation tool like Hubspot, Marketo, or Eloqua.

You’ll want to send out series of emails designed to Inform, Entertain, Help, and Persuade.

These email “sequences” can come at any stage of the buying cycle: Welcome sequences, Onboarding sequences, Nurturing sequences, and Product Engagement sequences. For example, a welcome campaign might be structured like this:

The goal is to form enough of a trust or bond with your anonymous lead that any anxiety, doubt, or reservation about meeting with an SDR is remedied.

After each “send,” you’ll want to allow some time to score the behavioral response to a sequence. Scoring your sequence behavior will allow you to separate your promising leads from your tire kickers.

If all this sounds a little complicated, you’re right.  It is.

That’s why we made a free lead nurturing eBook. This is specifically for B2B SasS businesses looking to take their drip campaigns to the next level.  

You’ll discover a lot of the techniques and strategies we use internally here at Metadata.   More specifically, you’ll learn that:

  • Nurturing is a process of continual communication that includes both lead/prospect nurturing, and customer nurturing.

  • The goal of lead scoring is to prioritize sales resources, improve close rates, and decrease sales cycle. The best approach to lead scoring, as well as its importance changes for companies depending on what stage of growth the company is at.

  • Lead scoring is essentially a quantitative analysis of FIT and PAIN based on prospects’ profiles and behavioral data. Lead scoring systems should be simple but effective.

  • Much much more.

So don’t get frustrated and throw your leads out with bathwater. Nurture them to grow up healthy and strong by using our free guide.

Ease their pain!

Get your free Lead Nurturing eBook Here.

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