How Engagio Generated $2M in Pipeline From Target Accounts


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The Company

Engagio is a marketing technology platform that was built to empower revenue teams to work better together by combining the best of account-based marketing and lead-based marketing to win new business and drive account growth at scale. They are striving to be the next great marketing platform.

The Problem

Like most companies in the B2B space, Engagio wanted to improve the % of their leads who fit their ideal customer profile (ICP). After some lead analysis, Engagio realized that only around 20% of their leads were actually falling within their ICP. Engagio was looking to find a way to align their lead acquisition strategies to generate more demand from leads that fell within their ICP. They needed a solution that could easily execute and scale their ABM programs and drive revenue.

Additionally, it was important to Engagio to understand the return on their programs – and to quickly shift their investments to the activities that had the highest ROI.

The Solution

Just seven days after Engagio started working with Metadata, they were onboarded and running 128 ad experiments. The ability to test different permutations of ad copy, creative and audiences at scale, helped Engagio understand what messages were resonating best with their targeted personas. The experiments tested different ad combinations and together with using their own platform, Engagio was able to identify the winning ad campaigns for every stage of their funnel.

Using the Metadata platform, Engagio has run a total of 722 ad campaign experiments. Within the first 90 days, they generated 210 leads at a conversion rate of 16%. In their experience overall, they’ve seen 1000 leads with 75% of those leads being from targeted accounts.

Brandon Redlinger

Head of Growth

"Using + Engagio, we were able to increase conversions at our target accounts by 237% within the first month of going live. Now, it's the most predictable way to drive demand at my target accounts."

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