How Sendoso Generated $2.2M in Pipeline and $264K in Revenue Using Metadata


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Pipeline generated


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The Company

The founders of Sendoso realized companies were struggling to rise above the noise and build meaningful relationships. Their goal is to enable businesses everywhere to make more human connections. So they started sending direct mail and corporate gifts to get on people’s desks, not just their inboxes.

The Challenge

Sendoso came to Metadata to see what it would look like to shift some of their paid social budget to run through the Metadata platform. They wanted to scale their ad dollars and optimize them to produce high quality leads that would convert to revenue, with the same budget.

The Solution

After considering other ABM platforms, Sendoso turned to Metadata to deliver high quality leads that would build pipeline and revenue. In order to scale their social campaigns they used Metadata’s in-platform enrichment and buyer intent data to create converting audiences. They also wanted to open up Facebook as a channel to generate leads that would convert to revenue.

In the first 90 days with Metadata, Sendoso saw their highest lead volume. In the following 90 days, they had their best quarter for CPL at less than half of the budget from the previous 90 days. Overall, Sendoso was able to influence over 68 influenced opportunities. 

Patrick Wolf

Senior Manager, Demand Generation

"With Metadata, we generated leads from our target accounts at a $41 CPL. For every $1 we spent, we influenced $94 of pipeline based on lead conversions. Not impressions."

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