Keep reading if you hate doing manual and repetitive work…

AI is everywhere
in our personal lives

And it makes life easier by taking care of manual and repetitive tasks for us.

Faster than we can.

So why are B2B marketers still doing manual and repetitive tasks?

Because we think the only way to get the work done is to throw more people at it.

So we hire a team or hire an agency...

B2B marketers have never had a platform that eliminates manual work while improving performance - at the same time.

Metadata eliminates technical, mundane, and repetitive tasks through AI and automation.

Welcome to the first


Say goodbye to low-value work so you can finally focus on strategy, creativity, and driving more revenue.

Get back to doing work that builds companies, not tasks


Humanly impossible marketing is possible

  1. Combine audiences, ads, and offers into experiments
  2. Launch thousands of campaign experiments in minutes
  3. Save serious time from having to manually build your campaigns




Faster insights mean quicker wins​

  1. Uncover insights without having to do the analysis
  2. Get clarity on what works, what doesn’t, and why
  3. Apply new learnings to your campaigns immediately


Increasing speed and saving money = ROI

  1. Get your best performing campaigns in front of your target audience
  2. Optimize your campaigns to pipeline and revenue automatically
  3. Increase your team’s capacity before hiring more people or an agency
“Metadata operationalizes intent data and deploys campaigns in a way that far exceeds the human capability. At G2, it showed a direct impact on pipeline creation.”
Godard Abel
“Metadata automates the tedious tasks of our campaign building with the power of 10 campaign managers. Metadata can launch hundreds of campaigns in a few minutes based on the criteria I give them & the goal of the campaign.”
Guillaume Cabane
VP of Growth, ex-Gorgias / Drift / Segment

“We can finally focus on strategy, creativity, and driving more revenue, instead of getting bogged down by task-oriented, time-consuming work. With Metadata – we’re smarter as a demand gen team than we’ve ever been.”

Megan Boone
Senior Director of Revenue Marketing, ThoughtSpot