ABM was supposed to fix B2B

Until it didn’t. Help redefine
ABM with Metadata.

Three letters no one can agree on

ABM. Account-Based Marketing. Executives want it. Your boss thinks you need it. And it’s all we’ve been hearing about for the last few years. But for as much as we keep hearing about it, no one actually knows what it means. You’d get 100 different answers if you asked 100 marketers.

It’s not just us either

I find myself explaining ABM to our leadership team and debating it with other marketing leaders because many folks have the wrong perception. It isn't a new concept. It's a perception created by excellent marketing from ABM vendors. Segmentation, targeting, positioning are pillars of marketing. So whether your industry is highly concentrated or much broader - the better you are at identifying whom you want to target, the better your marketing and sales.
ABM vendors have created this movement around account-based efforts. Period. In reality, shouldn't we have been going after our target accounts all along? Riddle me that. ABM was a motion set in place by vendors, and proper execution unfortunately was never prioritized.
There seems to be this thought that ABM is a silver bullet. Run some display ads, send some direct mail, and voila - you have customers. ABM doesn't work without the fundamentals of good marketing in place. Tactics are not a strategy.
No one can agree on what ABM actually means. It's thrown out as a "quick fix" instead of doing the work to develop a real strategy. ABM personalization is usually the same as Hi {{}} as personalization. It's not personalization.
ABM isn’t what they talk about in board meetings. It’s revenue, not influenced pipeline or engagement. But making money! Stay closer to revenue generation, away from account-based myths, and become irreplaceable.
The best thing ABM did for B2B marketers was to remind us to consider company-level information when creating an ideal customer profile and to make sure our counterparts in sales had the same view of our market. Unfortunately, ABM also became the flag under which we deploy flashy, expensive, and often ineffective tactics all in the name of driving up "engagement." What should have been a framework for more thoughtful segmentation has become an excuse for bad marketing.

What we can all agree on

“ABM platforms” were supposed to solve all of our marketing problems… until they didn’t. Because it’s something you can do and not something you can buy.

Let’s redefine ABM together

ABM is a way for you to get laser-focused on a specific list of accounts. With your people, your processes, and your tactics. But it isn’t the only way. And it isn’t actually about accounts, it’s about people. That’s where Metadata comes in.

We’re redefining ABM and building the first demand generation platform for B2B marketers. So you can target the right people with campaigns that self-optimize based on what drives revenue. Almost like what ABM platforms promised they would do.

This is where you come in

The first 200 people* to fill out this chatbot (and we hope we have to order more) will get a t-shirt on Metadata. And trust us. You won't feel like a walking billboard when you wear it.

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