MAY 10TH, 2022 | 10:30AM – 1:00PM PDT

The biggest B2B marketing bets of the year, explained.

What you’ll see
  • B2B marketing that took massive swings and paid off big
  • Marketers who set fire to the popular marketing playbook
  • New tactics you haven’t seen
What you won’t see
  • Mainstream marketing strategies from 2019
  • A bunch of marketers patting themselves on the back
  • Boring sessions and thinly veiled pitch slaps

Just the world’s most ambitious B2B marketers letting you peek into their mad scientist lab. Oh, and the winner walks away with $10k.

Meet the EMY finalists

Here are the nine finalists you’ll get to meet at the EMYs. Each finalist will present their work. But only one is going to walk away with the $10k grand prize.

Melissa Rosenthal

Chief Creative Officer, ClickUp

Ognjen Bošković

Growth Lead, CXL

Lorna Malja

Digital Marketing Manager, Starburst

Jonathan Ronzio

CMO, Trainual

Ryan Kelly

VP, Growth Marketing,
Domino Data Lab

Ben Winn

Manager, Brand & Community Marketing, Catalyst

Brianna Valleskey

Former Marketing Team,

Gabrielle Riechert

Former Marketing Team,

Sruthi Kumar

Former Marketing Team,

Hosted by

Dave Gerhardt

Founder, Exit Five

Jaleh Rezaei

CEO & Co-founder, Mutiny

Guillaume Cabane

General Partner & Co-founder, HyperGrowth Partners

Why attend The EMYs

If you need ideas
  • Find inspiration for your next marketing campaign
  • See how top B2B marketers run experiments
  • Learn what to measure to move your revenue goals forward
If you’re looking for tactics
  • Understand what worked for high-performing campaigns
  • Study how the campaigns were designed
  • Skip time figuring out what’s going to move the needle–learn tactics that work