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Campaign Experimentation

Double down on what works

Automate experimentation and get to revenue faster – without the manual and repetitive work.

Helping B2B marketers experiment at scale

Be honest:
are you experimenting enough?

The short answer, backed by research, is most B2B marketers aren’t. Because without time or resources it can be intimidating and really complicated. Metadata removes obstacles to experimentation so you’re confident about doubling down on what’s working – and forgetting about the rest.

“Within weeks of using Metadata, we deployed 400+ campaigns, yielded 3x the demand and created net-new pipeline from our target accounts. The results were so impressive that we doubled our ad investment.”
Ryan Nichols
VP of Product and Marketing, Zendesk Sell

Let your team work smarter, not harder

Automate experimentation

Forget about wasting your day doing this manually or dreaming of hiring a huge (and expensive) growth team.

Improve campaign strategy

Get real insight into what lands (and doesn't land) with your target audience through multivariate experimentation.

Create real feedback loops

Test and refine new messaging, then share data-driven learnings with the rest of your GTM team.

Always-on experimentation

Move from gut feeling to data-driven. Launch thousands of campaign experiments so your team can quickly figure out what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Set up tests with multiple variables

Create experiments to test audiences, messaging, creative, and content across paid channels.

Push experiments to your ad channels

With one click, push directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads – without leaving Metadata.

Scale your top performing ads

Metadata does the hard work for you, analyzing every experiment and figuring out what works best.

Legit results do the marketing for us

ThoughtSpot’s lean marketing team saved 800-1,200 hours of manual work by automating campaign experimentation with Metadata.

"Instead of getting bogged down by task-oriented, time-consuming work - we can finally focus on strategy, creativity, and driving more revenue. We're smarter as a demand gen team than we've ever been."
Megan Boone
Senior Director of Revenue Marketing


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You've got questions, we've got answers

What does Metadata consider an experiment?

The experiment is the campaign pushed to a channel. When creating a campaign in Metadata after adding the audience, ad, offer you'll notice the number of Experiments will change based on our structure:

1 Audience = 1 Ad = 1 Offer = 1 Experiment = 1 Campaign in the channel.

What types of variables can I experiment with?

Our experiments are comprised of 6 variables: Audience, Channel, Offer, Type, Creative, and Text.

How quickly can I set up an experiment after buying Metadata?

Our team works with you to get onboarding done in the first 30 days with on-going support options once you’ve set up your first campaign.

See Metadata in action

You did your research, saw enough proof, and want to see the real thing.

Don’t just take our word for it

Quick design & launch of campaigns
Automated optimization & budget shifting. Clear visibility into key metrics & spend. Easy experimentation to help you course-correct quicker.
Tamara T.
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
The advertising platform to rule them all!
Metadata has been the most efficient platform for managing LinkedIn and Google ads all in one place. I can easily manage audiences, ads, creatives, offers, and more. The budget grouping allows me to control how much spend to allocate by campaigns, geos, and more.
Verified User in Computer Software
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
The ability to launch campaigns simultaneously across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads is incredible
It saves countless hours of duplicitous work and provides unmatched visibility into the best-performing channels.
Maggie D.
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
4.6 based on 274 reviews