Our partner network gets it

Because they’re laser-focused on helping their customers generate revenue, just like Metadata.

Why you should partner with Metadata​

Gain more access to your ideal customer profile

Get warm intros to keep prospects moving through your pipeline and open new doors at target accounts.

Level up your co-marketing, big time

From content to webinars to events - do legit co-marketing with one of the best B2B marketing teams around.

Stop manually keeping track of partners

Add us on Crossbeam, so you spend less time mapping your accounts and more time going to market with us.

Our agency partner program

You can make your teams more efficient, grow your existing accounts and deliver more value to your clients. We call that a no-brainer.

Our technology partner program

You can get intros to your target accounts, advance open opportunities, and close more deals. Joint GTM motions are a big-time cheat code for Sales and Customer Success.

Michelle Stunkard

Marketing Operations Lead, Udacity

“ABM vendors have created this movement around account-based efforts. Period. In reality, shouldn't we have been going after our target accounts all along? Riddle me that. ABM was a motion set in place by vendors, and proper execution unfortunately was never prioritized.”