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Audience targeting

LinkedIn-level targeting on every channel


Targeting shouldn’t be a black box

Getting in front of the right accounts and contacts on paid channels is really hard for B2B marketers. Every paid channel has its own (and different) targeting criteria. And they make more money when you spend more. The whole model is broken.

Say hello to MetaMatch

MetaMatch is our patented personal-to-corporate identity graph, allowing you to build more accurate audiences on Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We match based on email addresses, not cookies or IP addresses. Match personal emails to business profiles using our proprietary database of 800 million B2B profiles.

How MetaMatch works

Whether you want to use first-party data from Salesforce, intent data like 6sense, G2, and Qualified, or use demographic, firmographic, and technographic data, it’s all possible with MetaMatch.
Pick how to build your audiences

Move beyond native targeting in each channel. Get more flexibility and build better audiences.

  • Create audiences using 22 different data sources
  • Activate intent data without the manual and repetitive work
  • Use dynamic targeting to target late-stage accounts and contacts
Preview your audiences first

See which profiles meet your criteria before launching new campaigns and wasting money.

  • Review and refine your criteria to target the right buyers
  • Experiment with different audiences so you can find what works
  • Add exclusion criteria using job titles and seniority levels
Add audiences to your campaigns

Forget about exporting anything. MetaMatch pushes audiences to your paid channels.

  • Review all matched audiences directly in Metadata
  • Check the status of each audience before launching new campaigns
  • Update audiences in seconds based on your campaign goals

Turn Facebook into a legit B2B channel

We know what you’re thinking. My buyers aren’t on Facebook. I’ve tried Facebook before, and it didn’t work. Every customer has said the same thing too. Until they use MetaMatch.

With MetaMatch – you’re no longer limited to Facebook’s native (and limited) B2B targeting. You can build audiences using first and third-party data, including intent data from 6sense, G2, and Qualified. Metadata customers typically see match rates between 15-45% on Facebook.

The results speak for themselves too

Automation Anywhere ran Facebook Ads using MetaMatch and increased their average deal size by 36% with an MQL rate of 90%+.

"When people think of B2B paid social, LinkedIn is the first platform that comes to mind. But what if you could create LinkedIn-level audiences and run campaigns that generate pipeline just as efficiently on Facebook? It's perfectly possible with Metadata."
Julian Foster
Head of Global Paid Social


Experiments launched


Opportunities generated


Lead-to-MQL rate


Lower cost-per-opportunity


Increase in average deal size

We had a feeling you might ask

Can I purchase MetaMatch by itself or do I need to buy the Metadata base platform?

You can buy MetaMatch. It’s a great way to test our Metadata’s capabilities.

How much does MetaMatch cost?

Don’t worry, we won’t hide the ball. It’s $24,000/year plus a $1000 onboarding fee and includes up to 240 audiences.

What’s the difference between MetaMatch and native social targeting?

While you can use both MetaMatch and native targeting in Metadata, there are a few differences between the two:

  • MetaMatch audiences rely on Metadata’s proprietary database of over 1.5 billion contacts pulled from 12 data providers. Native targeting audiences rely on the ad channel’s native data and filter criteria.
  • MetaMatch audience criteria are based on fields in the MetaMatch database. Native targeting audience criteria are based on the fields used for targeting on the ad channels.
  • MetaMatch audiences always produce a contact list that is uploaded as a custom audience on ad channels. Native targeting criteria inform the targeting settings on the ad channel.

What types of audiences can you build using MetaMatch?

Here are a couple of ways our customers use MetaMatch:

ICP audiences: Directly from your ICP results on the 'Profile' page you can send the results to 'Custom Audience' to build a list of companies and contacts that are an exact match.

Target Company audiences: If you have a list of companies that are on your sales team's list of targets, you can input those company names into the 'Company Name' field and input the Contacts criteria related to the decision makers at those companies.

Customized audiences: If you have a specific campaign that you want to experiment on a specific audience, you can build the criteria to your liking.