Metadata for
Demand Gen Marketers

Work smarter, not harder

Demand gen marketers use Metadata to eliminate mind-numbing marketing tasks and get more time back in their day.

Helping demand gen marketers work more efficiently

Demand gen marketers can’t keep up

Running paid campaigns creates a ton of repetitive marketing tasks. Creating audiences, launching campaigns, and building reports. Between budget cuts and hiring freezes, demand gen marketers can’t find the time to do this work themselves.

Why demand gen marketers use Metadata


Metadata automates repetitive marketing tasks so you spend 94% less time running paid campaigns.


Metadata sets budgets at the experiment level, not campaign groups, so you spend more efficiently.

Metadata moves beyond limited native targeting and lets you build audiences with 22 different data sources.
The results speak for themselves too
Webex Events increased pipeline by 60% with 73% less budget in three months with Metadata. Less budget, more pipeline. You read that right.
“I can’t imagine ever running paid campaigns natively ever again. It’d be like going back to dial-up internet.”
Andrew Harder
Senior Paid Media Manager


Opportunities created


Decrease in cost-per-opportunity


Increase in pipeline created

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