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Demand Generation
Use these frameworks, tactics and ideas for your next campaign.
Campaign Experimentation
Build an experimentation culture so you can figure out what works (and double down on it).
Paid Social
Get the full rundown on what we’ve seen work well on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Account-Based Marketing
Forget about “ABM platforms” and steal these ideas to land your target accounts.
Inside Metadata
Learn about how we view marketing and why we do things differently.
Metadata News
Read up on the latest news, product updates and a few occasional humble brags.

From Marketer to Marketing Leader

Content-Led Growth: How to a Build a Wildly Effective Content Strategy
Moving From An Old-School Lead Gen Playbook to a Demand Gen Machine
Building a Paid Media Strategy In a Down Economy
Using Data to Build a Demand Generation Engine
Demand Gen U

Demand Gen U brings together experienced B2B marketers who are willing to share their successes (and failures), plus teach you what they’re doing to drive results.

B2B Category Creators with Gil Allouche

Gil Allouche, CEO of, interviews groups of founders and leaders who were instrumental in blazing the path to new software categories.

The best of the best

How to Recession-Proof Your Messaging in a Down Economy
Adjusting Your Messaging in a Down Economy
Why Running Ads Natively Doesn’t Cut It for Demand Gen Marketers
How to Build a Paid Media Strategy in a Down Economy
2022 B2B Paid Social Benchmarks: What We Learned From $42M in Spend on Facebook and LinkedIn
2022 Paid Social Benchmark Report Blog Post Social Card
Moving From an Old-School Lead Gen Playbook to a Demand Gen Machine
What Good Demand Gen Will Look Like in 2023
What Good Demand Gen Will Look Like in 2023
6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Metadata
7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Metadata - Blog Post
Building Your 2023 Marketing Plan
Building Your 2023 Marketing Plan
Managing Your Paid Media Budget Like a Performance Marketing Pro
How We Automate Paid Social Media Campaigns Using Metadata
The No-BS Buyer’s Guide From Actual Metadata Customers
When Do DIY Paid Campaigns Make Sense?
How To Make Big Demand Gen Bets That Beat the House (and Deliver ROI)
ABM Platforms vs. Metadata’s Marketing OS: Setting the Record Straight

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