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Revenue Optimization

Campaigns that run themselves

Allocate your remaining campaign budget based on what drives pipeline and revenue – automatically.

Optimizing your campaigns to business metrics that matter

Get your seat at the revenue table

The C-suite doesn’t care about marketing metrics like engagement, leads, and MQLs. They care about pipeline, revenue, and CAC. To earn your seat, you need to prove marketing isn’t a cost center — it’s an efficient revenue driver.

"The ability to separate experiments by audiences, ads, and offers makes it 1000x easier to diagnose where things are going wrong and where we need to keep our foot on the gas."
Alexa De La Torre
Sr. Growth Marketing Manager, Deepgram
"We're now able to activate our demand gen strategy faster and more cost efficiently to hit our goals. We can easily report across paid channels in a single location and quickly share with key stakeholders."
Matt Dawood
Partner Marketing Manager, Pricefx
"Thanks to Metadata, we can now attribute MQLs and, more importantly, pipeline to specific ads. Campaign optimization so much more efficient."
Kyle Cohenour
Digital Marketing Manager, ConnectWise

Get ruthlessly efficient with Metadata

Customize your reporting setup

Every marketing team is different. Pick which metrics, outcomes, and attribution matter most to your team.

Use AI to optimize your campaigns

Make decisions using pipeline and revenue data from your CRM, not vanity metrics like leads and cost-per-lead.

Stop wasting money on bad campaigns

Set auto-pause rules that automatically turn off poor performing campaigns so you can get more out of your budget.

Which ad do you think performed better?

Native channels will spend more on ad #1 because it drove more leads.

Metadata will spend more on ad #2 because it drove more revenue.

Get more revenue from your paid campaigns

We commissioned Forrester to help figure out the true impact of Metadata. They found some pretty impressive findings when it comes to increasing revenue from advertising.

  • Over $7.5 million in additional revenue generated through advertising, leading to $2 million in increased profit over three years.
  • In Year 1 alone, the marketers may increase their revenue by 157% over the prior state.
  • With advertising budget increases in the following years, its expected revenue improvement with Metadata is 307% in Year 2 and 473% in Year 3 compared to the previous solution.

See Metadata in action

You did your research, saw enough proof, and want to see the real thing.