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Campaigns that
run themselves

Spend more budget on what is driving pipeline and revenue – automatically.

Flexible KPIs, firm ROI

Choose the KPIs that matter to you, whether it’s brand awareness (CPC) or lead generation (CPL).

Optimization in Progress

Metadata Optimizer runs regularly throughout the day and automatically distributes budget to the best performing experiment.

View Your Results in Real-Time

When your CEO asks “how’s the campaign going?” You’ll have all of the KPIs you need to prove impact (and get that promotion).


We plug directly into your CRM, using data that matters.

We optimize towards quality, not quantity.

Spend the right amount of budget, on the right ads and audiences.

Never track budgets in a spreadsheet ever again.

Let the Optimizer's Results Do the Talking

Real results for real marketers

“We’ve seen a huge revenue increase over the last two years. We went from a million dollars a quarter to now almost a million dollars a month, and we are doubling in size year over year. Metadata is probably 75% of that.”
Mike Smith
VP of Revenue Marketing, LaunchDarkly
“Before Metadata, we were running ads natively on one channel and getting junk. We turned on Metadata, and it was 95% accurate in terms of the titles and the personas that we wanted to target. Using native channel targeting, our CPL was about $225. In our first Metadata campaign, the CPL was $67.”
Blake Cohlan
Senior Director of Growth Marketing, SupportLogic
“Part of it is just having one place for all this stuff I’m trying to juggle in my head all the time and knowing that I can reference it immediately. So when the CEO says, ‘What’s going on?’ I can show them instantly what’s happening, why it’s working or not working, and what we’re going to do next.”
Andy Wibbels
Director of Marketing, Lucidworks

See the optimizer in action

We talk a big game, but the proof is in the pudding. See how our platform optimizes towards pipeline, whilst also managing pacing across channels.

Optimizer: Explained

We should probably keep the Optimizer secret sauce, well, secret. But we’ve never been much for gatekeeping.

Get the Metadata Report for a detailed comparison between native and Metadata-managed campaigns.

Don’t just take our word for it

Quick design & launch of campaigns
Automated optimization & budget shifting. Clear visibility into key metrics & spend. Easy experimentation to help you course-correct quicker.
Tamara T.
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
The advertising platform to rule them all!
Metadata has been the most efficient platform for managing LinkedIn and Google ads all in one place. I can easily manage audiences, ads, creatives, offers, and more. The budget grouping allows me to control how much spend to allocate by campaigns, geos, and more.
Verified User in Computer Software
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
The ability to launch campaigns simultaneously across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads is incredible
It saves countless hours of duplicitous work and provides unmatched visibility into the best-performing channels.
Maggie D.
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
4.6 based on 274 reviews