Metadata for Finance Leaders

Get more out of your spend

B2B marketing teams use Metadata to create more pipeline without increasing headcount or program spend.

Improving metrics that matter


Pipeline created


Revenue generated


Blake Cohlan
Senior Director of Growth Marketing, SupportLogic
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The “growth at all costs” era is over

Efficient growth is the name of the new game. B2B marketing teams can’t keep throwing more money at problems right now. They need to get more value out of the program spend and people they already have. That’s where Metadata comes in.

A must-have for B2B marketing teams in every type of economy

Reduce costs, not revenue

Your marketing team can achieve the same revenue growth without hiring an agency or more FTEs.

Best-in-class payback period

Metadata customers, on average, see a payback period of less than six months for their initial investment.

Eliminate wasted ad spend

Scale your marketing team’s top-performing campaigns while automatically pausing low-performers that waste budget.

Marketing performance CFOs get excited about

Forrester interviewed three Metadata customers as part of a Total Economic Impact Study. We wanted an honest (and realistic) assessment, not the “700% ROI increase in year one no one actually believes” kind.

  • Over $7.5 million in additional revenue generated through advertising, leading to $2 million in increased profit over three years.
  • In Year 1 alone, the marketers may increase their revenue by 157% over the prior state.
  • With advertising budget increases in the following years, its expected revenue improvement with Metadata is 307% in Year 2 and 473% in Year 3 compared to the previous solution.

The real ROI of Metadata

We commissioned Forrester to figure out the true economic impact of Metadata, except we did it a little differently.