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How Gainsight Segmented Their Way to $4.8M in Pipeline
How Qualified Activated Their Intent Data and Influenced $6.9M in Pipeline
How Monte Carlo Used Campaign Experimentation to Create $6.1M in Pipeline
How Automation Anywhere Increased Their Average Deal Size by 36% With Facebook Ads
How ThoughtSpot Activated Their Intent Data and Generated $5M in Pipeline
How Pendo Reduced Their Cost-per-MQL on Facebook by 80%
How Fivetran Increased Conversion by 3X and Generated $6M in Pipeline
How Triggered 26 Opportunities and $8M in Pipeline

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Ryan Nichols
VP Product and Marketing, Zendesk Sell
"Within weeks of using Metadata, we deployed 400+ campaigns, yielded 3x the demand and created net-new pipeline from our target accounts. The results were so impressive that we doubled our investment."
Alexa Rzasa
Senior Marketing Campaign Manager, Respond Software
"The MetaMatch audiences with Facebook & LinkedIn matching makes targeting and retargeting seamless. Why go to two separate ad platforms to compare channel results when you can have it rolled into one campaign with"
Peter Zawistowicz
Director of Growth Marketing, Gremlin
"Going back to managing ad campaigns directly in Facebook and LinkedIn would bring back the feelings of confusion, frustration, and despair that come from constantly-changing UIs, obscure definitions, and opaque reporting."
Patrick Wolf
Senior Manager of Demand Generation, Sendoso
"With Metadata, we generated leads from our target accounts at a $41 CPL. For every $1 we spent in Metadata, we influenced $94 of pipeline based on lead conversions, not impressions. "
Katie Stuart
Senior Director, Demand Generation, BigID
"I don’t go in and check how my campaigns are doing every single day, change budgets or turn things on and off. Having a dedicated tool to help me with those types of things so we could focus on the targeting and creative updates was very enticing to me."
Carlos Tobon
Head of Demand Generation,
"Most platforms will only offer you ABM targeting via display advertising or social, but never both together. In the case of Metadata, I have display targeting and social targeting in the same place."