How Webex Events Increased Pipeline by 60% With 73% Less Budget in Three Months

53 Opportunities created
-44% Lower cost-per-opportunity
+60% Pipeline created


Webex Events was spending 95% of their paid social budget on lead generation campaigns, then came the budget cuts.

Their two-person paid media team had to get creative and rethink their campaign strategy.

Their lead generation campaigns were inefficient, resulting in low CPLs that rarely converted to opportunities. They needed to find new ways to educate their audience and provide more value.


Their paid media team ran campaign experiments using short, educational videos in their top-of-funnel campaigns.

As the retargeting audience grew, they tested product videos in their mid and bottom-of-funnel campaigns.

With Metadata, their two-person paid media team can operate like a much larger team, double down on the highest performing campaigns automatically, and stretch their paid social budget even further.

How they used Metadata


Export closed won deals from CRM and categorize job titles from contact roles


Create four segmented ICP audiences for Facebook and LinkedIn


Layer on additional demographic targeting for each ICP audience segment


Test experiments across ICP audience segments to see which creative and content performs the best


Use Hubspot integration to automatically reallocate remaining budget to pipeline generating experiments

"I can't imagine ever running paid campaigns natively ever again. It'd be like going back to dial-up internet."
Andrew Harder
Senior Paid Media Manager

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