By marketers, for marketers​

We’ve been in your shoes. Stuck doing too many manual and repetitive tasks. So we’re building the first Marketing OS for B2B.

How we got our start

In 2015, a VC firm invited Gil to speak with many CMOs and share what he had learned from his success in previous marketing roles: how to experiment and drive more revenue.

Everyone’s eyes lit up. What exactly did you do? How did you do this stuff? Where do you work?

And that’s when Gil told them he had started a company to help B2B marketers do just that. What those CMOs didn’t realize was that company didn’t actually exist yet.

So Gil went outside during the next lunch break, changed his LinkedIn profile, and made it look like he had already started Metadata.

The first chapter in our very early Metadata story was now complete.

Meet the faces behind Metadata​

Our Leadership Team

Gil Allouche

CEO and Co-founder

Olena Dopiro

VP, Product

Alan Ginsberg

SVP, Customer Success

Heather Haslam

Senior Director, People & Culture

Emily Hoang

VP, Engineering

Jim Kollross


Logan Neveau

VP, Enablement & Strategy

Ray Taft


Jason Widup

VP, Marketing


Transparency and Authenticity
We always bring our most authentic selves to the table in every interaction, operating with full transparency.
Ownership and Accountability
We accept responsibility in all we do from reception to outcome, everything in between and take it to completion.
Growth Mindset
Ask questions, stay curious, get involved, and never stop learning.
Challenge the Status Quo
Be creative and always think outside the box.
Embrace Diversity
We are a global workforce by design. Our cultural and fundamental differences are what drives our innovation.
Keep it Fun and care
Find joy in the journey and always take care of each other.