By marketers, For marketers

We’ve been in your shoes before. And we’re building the first demand generation platform for marketers just like us.

How we got our start

In 2015, a VC firm invited Gil to speak with many CMOs and share what he had learned from his success in previous marketing roles: how to generate revenue through campaign experimentation.

Everyone’s eyes lit up. What exactly did you do? How did you do this stuff? Where do you work?

And that’s when Gil told them he had started a company to help B2B marketers do just that. What those CMOs didn’t realize was that company didn’t actually exist yet.

So Gil went outside during the next lunch break, changed his LinkedIn profile, and started Metadata.

The first chapter in our very early Metadata story was now complete.

Meet the faces behind Metadata

Our Team

Gil Allouche
CEO and Co-founder

Olivier L’Abbé

Jason Widup
VP, Marketing

Clay Bentley
VP, Sales

Emily Hoang
VP, Engineering

Olena Dopiro
VP, Product

Logan Neveau
Senior Director of Product Growth

Malika Kennedy
Director of Customer Success

Mark Huber
Director of Growth

Kevin Young
Director of Sales

Danny Read
Sales Director

Mike O’Connor
Account Director

Manikandan Sekar
Principal DevOps

Andre Nizer
Senior Product Manager

Francisco Martin
Principal Data Engineer

Joshua Desmarais
Senior Production Support Engineer

Jaime Rojas
Senior Backend Engineer

Aleksandr Rodionov
Senior Backend Engineer

Alexander Soliar
Senior Frontend Engineer

Dmitry Kabanov
Senior Backend Engineer

Kevin Joyce
Senior Customer Success Manager

Lily Roosevelt
Customer Success Manager

Jennifer Lai
Senior Ad Operations Analyst

Silvio Perez
Head of Ad Operations

Ana Marturet
Customer Success Manager

Ashley Dees
Sales Developement Representative

Omar Nassiry
Paid Social Analyst

Ali Yildirim
Senior Ad Operations Manager

Miguel Sanchez
Ad Operations Manager

Rafael Escala
Backend Engineer

Justin Simon
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Joseph Hill
Senior Customer Success Manager

Vitaliy Skoryk
UI Designer

Poornima Jagadeesan
QA Engineer

Ariana Islamović
QA Engineer

Kendria Moore
Executive Assistant

Aldo Aguirre
Junior Data Engineer

Brian Gioia
Senior Account Executive

Stephanie Elko
Senior Data Product Manager

Chris Nethercote
Senior Account Executive

Heidi Jones
Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Anthony Snyder
Senior Account Executive

Ryan Curtes
Senior Account Executive

Liuda Taranenko
Data Scientist Solution Architect

Dee Acosta
Senior Account Executive

Alexis Thompson
Customer Success Manager

Chase Zvonek
Enterprise Account Executive

Mazdak Mohammadi
Technical Onboarding Lead

Jonalyn Bardoles
Technical Support

Sheena Miles
Customer Success Manager

Our Board

Gil Allouche

Bill Portelli
Board Member

Raanan Bar-Cohen
Board Member

Bobby Lent
Board Member

Derek Chau Board Observer

Kyle York
Board Observer

Our Investors

Raanan Bar-Cohen
Co-founder, Resolute Ventures

Mark Organ
Founding CEO, Eloqua and Influitive

Gary Nakamura
CEO, SocialChorus

Mickey Alon
Founder & CTO, Gainsight PX

Marcel Santilli
Head of Marketing, Scale AI

Max Altschuler
VP, Sales Engagement, Outreach

Travis May
CEO, Datavant

Aviram Jenik
CEO, Beyond Security

Shreesha Ramdas
SVP & GM, Strikedeck

Will Szczerbiak
Partner, Greycroft Partners

Kyle York
Co-founder & Managing Partner, York IE

Jay Eum
Managing Partner, GFT Ventures

Reza Malekzadeh
General Partner, Partech

Said Mia
Managing Partner, Stormbreaker Ventures

Matt Wyndowe
Partner, Graph Ventures

Ryan Koonce
Founder & CEO, Mammoth Growth

Feyzi Bagirov
Senior Data Scientist, Encode Inc.

Danny Read
Sales Director, Metadata

Jonathan Buckley Principal, The Artesian Network

Our Customer Advisory Board

Marcel Santilli
Head of Marketing, Scale AI

Adam Goyette
VP, Marketing, HelpScout

Mike Smith
Head of Demand, LaunchDarkly

Andrew Racine
Head of Global Demand Generation & Growth, Fivetran

Lara Stiris
Senior Demand Generation Manager, Vonage APIs

Kaylee Edmondson
Director of Demand Generation, Chili Piper

Matthew Hammon
Head of Growth Marketing, Yelp

Oded Noy
Director of Global Demand Generation, Cynet Security

Travis Hurst
Director of Digital & Performance Marketing, Attentive

Breezy Beaumont
Head of Growth & Marketing, Correlated Labs

Nick Goel
Senior Product Manager, Web Growth

Jonathan Weiss
Digital Marketing Manager, Fivetran

Jonathan Buckley
Principal, The Artesian Network