Experiment so you can get to revenue, faster

Let your paid campaigns optimize themselves using your opportunity data from Salesforce.
Not just clicks and impressions.

How Metadata works

B2B marketers automate their paid campaigns and drive more revenue with Metadata.

See Metadata in action

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What you can do with Metadata

Audience Targeting

Match business profiles to personal emails so you can reach your best-fit audience across your ad channels. Increase your match rates by as much as 9x on Facebook and 7.5x on LinkedIn.

  • Find your target accounts and actual buyers on Facebook
  • Use the same data sources and targeting criteria
  • Target both companies and people with your campaigns

Campaign Automation

Use the same tool to launch all of your paid campaigns. Save serious time and forget about having to manually build (and rebuild) new campaigns in each ad channel.

  • Forget about having to log into multiple tools
  • Select all of your campaign assets from a single library
  • Focus more on strategy, creativity, and experimentation

Campaign Experimentation

Experiment, except at scale. Launch hundreds of campaign experiments so you can quickly learn what’s working and more importantly, what’s not.
  • Test new audiences, messaging, creative, and content offers
  • Push your campaign experiments directly to your ad channels
  • Find out what your audience actually wants

Lead Enrichment

Use a single field on your forms so you can drive more conversions. Enrich new leads from your campaigns with verified business data, automatically.

  • Enrich your new leads with up to 20 business attributes
  • Forget about stitching multiple data sources together
  • Shorten your lead forms and remove friction

Campaign Optimization

Don’t waste money on underperforming campaigns. Be ruthlessly efficient and let the platform reallocate your budget based on what drives pipeline.

  • Customize your metrics, outcomes, and attribution
  • Let AI optimize your campaigns using your funnel data
  • Know where to spend your demand generation budget

Free up your team so they can finally focus on the big things

Increase the capacity of your team

Launch and manage your paid campaigns from Metadata so you can get more out of your team, before hiring more people or hiring an agency.

Use one tool to run your paid campaigns

From logging into each ad channel to keeping up with UI changes to using 17 tabs to get the work done - now you can do it all from a single tool.

Spend more time on high-value work

Automate the repeatable and time-consuming parts of running paid campaigns so you can spend your time on strategy and creativity.

Peter Zawistowicz

Director, Growth Marketing, Gremlin

"Metadata has reduced the overhead of managing paid programs in both Facebook and LinkedIn simultaneously. We've also been able to report against our account-based marketing initiatives in a way that resonates with marketing and sales leadership."

Get more hours back in your day

Connect Metadata with your ad channels, marketing automation platform, and Salesforce so you can get back to doing marketing, not tasks. Eliminate technical, mundane, and repetitive work.

Experiment to revenue

Running campaign experiments takes a lot of time and work. That's why we built Metadata.