More revenue, less manual marketing

B2B marketers use Metadata's Demand Hub to automate paid campaigns and drive more revenue.

See what's under the Metadata hood

No one should have to wait until the third call to see the actual product. We want to make sure Metadata is a good fit for you. We don’t want to waste your time (or budget) either.

B2B marketers use Metadata to get more done and be more effective

Increase the capacity of your team

Use Metadata's Demand Hub to launch and manage your paid campaigns so you can get more out of your Marketing team, without spending money on more people.

Use a single tool to run your paid campaigns

From logging into different ad channels to keeping up with UI changes to dealing with confusing workflows - now you can do it all from a single tool.

Spend more time on the big things

Automate the repeatable and time-consuming parts of launching paid campaigns so you can focus more of your time on strategy, targeting, and creative.

Audience Targeting

Match business profiles to personal emails so you can reach your best-fit audiences across Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn.

  1. Get more flexibility to build the best possible audiences
  2. Activate first-party, third-party, and intent data in your paid campaigns
  3. Find your actual buyers and target accounts across channels
Total Experiments Running

Campaign Automation

Use the same tool to launch all of your paid campaigns. Save serious time and forget about having to manually build (and rebuild) new campaigns in each ad channel.

  1. Select all of your campaign assets from a single library
  2. Push your campaigns directly to each channel
  3. Focus more on strategy, creativity, and driving revenue

Campaign Experimentation

Experiment, except at scale. Launch thousands of campaign experiments so you can get clarity on what works, what doesn’t, and why.

  1. Test new audiences, messaging, creative, and content offers
  2. Uncover insights without having to do the analysis
  3. Apply new learnings to your campaigns immediately

Web Personalization

Don’t let organic and paid traffic go to waste. Personalize web experiences in real-time and convert your site traffic to revenue.

  1. Learn how your target accounts interact with your website
  2. Automate real-time experimentation without needing engineers
  3. Increase conversions by personalizing messaging and social proof

Lead Enrichment

Use a single field on your forms so you can drive more conversions. Automatically enrich new leads from your campaigns with verified business data.

  1. Enrich your new leads with up to 20 business attributes
  2. Stop wasting time stitching multiple data sources together
  3. Shorten your lead forms and remove friction

Revenue Optimization

Be ruthlessly efficient and stop wasting money on underperforming campaigns. Let Metadata automatically reallocate your budget based on what drives pipeline and revenue.

  1. Customize your metrics, outcomes, and attribution
  2. Let AI optimize your campaigns using your CRM data
  3. Get as much as you can out of your existing budget

Make your tech stack work for you

Metadata integrates with your CRM, ad channels, marketing automation platform, and conversational marketing platform, plus both first and third-party data sources. This saves you serious time and frustration from having to throw more people at a problem that can easily be automated.

See Metadata in action

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Quick design & launch of campaigns
Automated optimization & budget shifting. Clear visibility into key metrics & spend. Easy experimentation to help you course-correct quicker.
Tamara T.
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
The advertising platform to rule them all!
Metadata has been the most efficient platform for managing LinkedIn and Google ads all in one place. I can easily manage audiences, ads, creatives, offers, and more. The budget grouping allows me to control how much spend to allocate by campaigns, geos, and more.
Verified User in Computer Software
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
The ability to launch campaigns simultaneously across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads is incredible
It saves countless hours of duplicitous work and provides unmatched visibility into the best-performing channels.
Maggie D.
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
4.6 based on 274 reviews