Campaign Automation

Use one tool to run paid campaigns

Run your campaigns directly from Metadata without having to log into any ad channel.

“Metadata automates the tedious tasks of our campaign building with the power of 10 campaign managers."

Manual and repetitive tasks are eating your budget

You can hire a team or bring on an agency to run your paid campaigns. Either way – you’re still using more people to get low-value work done.

Running paid campaigns takes too much time

You spend all your time building campaigns in one channel. Only to rebuild them in another channel. With Metadata – it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Turning B2B marketers into superhumans

Scale your marketing team with fewer resources

Get to market faster with your campaigns
Launch more campaigns in less time. With more campaigns in market - you can double down on what's working and turn off what isn't.
Increase the capacity of your marketing team

Eliminate manual and repetitive work so you can get more from your marketing team - before bringing on an agency or hiring more people.

Spend more time on strategy and creative

With more time back - your team can focus on the big things. The work they need to do, want to do and can't ever find the time for.

Use your audiences across channels

Stop wasting your time recreating audiences in each ad channel. Create your audiences once and reuse them for new campaigns.

Build your campaigns directly in Metadata​

Never rebuild your campaigns ever again. Select your audiences, ads, and offers from the same screen, then push your campaigns to each ad channel.

Manage your budget with automated rules

Set your budget for each campaign and automatically pace your spend across channels. Forget about having to set reminders and do this manually.

Madeline Turner
Senior Manager, Integrated Campaigns, Egnyte

“We can bring all of our paid campaigns into one place, making it easier to manage, launch, and scale our programs — and reach the right audience.”

Mike McMahan
Head of Marketing, Wordstream

“Metadata has powerful automation that allows you to test and learn rapidly - - to squeeze out as much efficiency as possible.”

Peter Zawistowicz
Director Growth Marketing, Gremlin

“Metadata has reduced the overhead of managing paid programs in both Facebook and Linkedin simultaneously.”

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