How ThoughtSpot Activated Their Intent Data and Generated $5M in Pipeline

1,600+ Experiments launched
193 Opportunities created
$5M Pipeline created
2,795 Hours of work automated
$214,880 Saved from automating manual work


Like every high-growth company, ThoughtSpot expects a lot out of its Marketing team. Aggressive goals, lots to do, and never enough time, people, or budget to do it all.

ThoughtSpot’s lean Marketing team made big investments into intent data from 6Sense and G2 so they could run better campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn. Even with this intent data –  activating it was a different story.

Getting account-level intent signals didn’t translate to getting in front of the right people. And when they tried finding the right people, it created a ton of additional work for their team to manually launch new campaigns.

Which meant wasted time for a team that didn’t have any time to waste.

“Every aspect of marketing felt a little bit more challenging than it needed to be”, said Megan Boone, ThoughtSpot’s Director of Demand Generation.

It was even more challenging for their Marketing team when it came to running experiments. They wanted insights but couldn’t filter out the noise in each channel. They needed to quickly figure out what was working and not working so they could get the most out of their budget.

Thankfully, Megan had heard about Metadata at her last company. So she knew exactly who could help.


ThoughtSpot turned to Metadata to help them activate their intent data and scale their paid campaigns.

With dynamic Salesforce audiences in Metadata – they were able to turn account-level intent signals from 6Sense and G2 into targeted audiences on Facebook and LinkedIn, automatically serving ads to the right people the next day.

Their marketing team no longer had to constantly upload (and re-upload) new account lists, and worry whether they were getting in front of the right people showing intent.

Using Metadata, ThoughtSpot activated their 6Sense and G2 intent data in real-time, giving them visibility into which audiences were generating opportunities and revenue.

Within the first six months, ThoughtSpot created 64 opportunities on Facebook alone, generating $2.8M in pipeline and a 9.8X return on ad spend.

Running campaign experiments also became much easier for ThoughtSpot’s marketing team to close the loop and share learnings regularly to better inform the content and creative process. What used to take hours now took minutes.

It used to take their team between 30-45 minutes when manually building a single campaign experiment. Within their first five months of using Metadata, they launched 86 campaigns and 1,600+ experiments.

For the math majors at home – using Metadata helped their small marketing team save 800-1,200 hours of manual work by automating how they launched campaign experiments.

They were able to learn whether they were targeting the right audience with the right message. And quickly pivot based on how their audiences, ads, and offers were performing using actual campaign data.

"If we weren’t using Metadata, it would be really painful to activate our intent data from all our platforms. In a lot of cases, we probably couldn’t use intent data."
Megan Boone
Senior Director of Revenue Marketing

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