How Pendo Reduced Their Cost-per-MQL on Facebook by 80%

The Company

Pendo helps companies like Verizon, RE/MAX, Bright Horizons, and Cisco improve their customers’ and employees’ digital experiences.

The Pendo platform enables product teams to collect user feedback, understand product usage, onboard users, and announce new features in-app — without needing any engineering resources.

The Challenge

Pendo previously focused on LinkedIn advertising and had tried Facebook advertising in the past. While they had been generating low CPLs on both channels, the lead quality fell short.

Pendo primarily targets Product Managers, with UX/UI designers and Customer Success teams being secondary audiences.

They wanted to improve how they targeted these audiences on Facebook and LinkedIn, lower their CPL, and increase revenue.

The Solution

With Metadata, Pendo was able to improve their audience targeting on Facebook and LinkedIn. This meant higher quality audiences, allowing them to reach Product Managers, UX/UI designers, and Customers Success teams with consistent messaging on both channels.

They had the most success with their “Pendo for Startups” campaign, which focused on marketing Pendo into smaller companies at a discounted rate and increasing sales velocity for lower-value opportunities. This campaign helped position Pendo as the vendor of choice for smaller companies looking to scale.

Pendo saw their highest return on ad spend on Facebook. They increased their Facebook spend by 3X, knowing that with Metadata’s audience targeting, they could get the same quality leads at a fraction of the cost.

By the end of the campaign, they had reduced their cost-per-MQL on Facebook by 80%.

Will Cozart

Senior Digital Manager

"We have a really lean digital marketing team, so we rely on Metadata to help us run experiments at scale and optimize our paid social media spend. That just wasn't possible using the native platforms."

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How Pendo Reduced Their Cost-per-MQL on Facebook by 80%

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