How Qualified Activated Their Intent Data and Influenced $6.9M in Pipeline

2,000+ Surging target accounts reached
14,000+ Pre-opportunity ad engagements
$6.9M Influenced pipeline


Qualified needed to advertise to in-market accounts using their own intent data. They couldn’t get their audiences to take the right actions. The performance data from their intent data provider didn’t match up with what Qualified saw in their Salesforce reports. Before Metadata, Qualified used third-party intent data and advertising solutions with little success.


Qualified used Metadata to turn Signals intent data into more targeted advertising audiences across Facebook and LinkedIn. They moved beyond limited in-channel targeting criteria, got more efficient with their ad spend, and advertised to in-market accounts with an objective of influencing the lead-to-sales journey.

How they used Metadata


Build a Salesforce list view report and segment surging accounts from Signals (accounts showing high buying intent on their website)


Connect account list to Metadata and add contact-level audience criteria


Advertise to in-market contacts and accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn


Identify surging advertising-influenced accounts for sales outreach


Use URL parameters to track when a visitor from surging account arrives on the site from sales outreach

"Metadata gives us the ability to build custom audiences and leverage them on ad channels that typically don't let you get that granular like Facebook and LinkedIn. It adds that next level of detail so we can be more efficient with our ad spend."
Nick Duke
Senior Director, Digital Marketing

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