How Gainsight Segmented Their Way to $4.8M in Pipeline

$4.8M Pipeline created
437 Hours of work automated
10.4X Return on investment


Gainsight’s paid media team needed to promote different products to distinct personas at mid-market and enterprise companies.

With this added complexity, manually building and segmenting campaigns wasn’t sustainable or scalable for their small paid media team.

They needed to find a way to inform and prioritize to new campaigns — without wasting their entire day working in ad channels.


Their paid media team no longer has to guess which content performs for each market segment, product line, and persona.

With more granular segmentation, they can structure their campaigns more intuitively and in a fraction of the time it takes to do this natively.

They’ve moved from manual testing to always-on experimentation. It’s created the kind of feedback loop you dream about that informs new campaigns and content creation for each persona.

How they used Metadata


Segment campaigns by geography, market segment, and product


Create audiences using native LinkedIn targeting, firmographic MetaMatch targeting, dynamic Salesforce account targeting, and dynamic G2 Intent targeting


Build experiments testing audiences, creative, and copy for each distinct persona


Promote educational content, customer reviews, analyst and comparison reports, and demo requests


Scale their top-performing experiments across LinkedIn and Facebook


Get more efficient with how they’re spending for each persona by market segment and product

"I've worked in paid media long enough to know how important creative optimization and testing is. We now have the ability to test audiences and creatives at scale, at a much higher rate than you can without a tool like Metadata."
Alex Turbett
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

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