How Zingtree Improved Their Targeting on Paid Social With MetaMatch


Zingtree’s Marketing team wasn’t happy with their paid search performance. Given how much they spent on paid search, they weren’t generating enough qualified opportunities.

They analyzed their funnel and cut paid search spend so they could start experimenting on paid social.

The only problem was their team knew it wasn’t possible to get in front of the right people on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn using native targeting.

They needed to find a way to target companies that used specific technologies but had no way of doing so.


With MetaMatch – Zingtree’s Marketing team was no longer limited by native targeting in each ad channel. They had more flexibility to build audiences and target the right people across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

They built audiences using technographic data, intent data, eCommerce data, account and contact list uploads, and dynamic Salesforce audiences.

These paid social campaigns provided air cover for Zingtree’s Sales team and helped support their outbound sales motion (with almost 100% certainty they were getting in front of the right people).

They even sourced a closed-won deal from paid social within their first 30 days of being a MetaMatch customer.

Get the full rundown from Grant Duncan, VP Marketing at Zingtree, in his own words on LinkedIn.

How they used Metadata


Use the MetaMatch + Salesforce integration


Create audiences to target companies in their ICP that use Zendesk and other technologies they integrate with


Add contact-level criteria like job title and seniority level


Create educational ads highlighting the Zendesk + Zingtree “better together” story


Run brand and product awareness campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

“If you create audiences natively on LinkedIn or Facebook, there's no way to say ‘give me companies who use Zendesk and then target support directors there’. It’s just not possible without MetaMatch.”
Grant Duncan
VP Marketing

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