How BigID Launched 300+ Campaign Experiments

300+ Experiments launched
632 Hours of work automated


BigID’s marketing team worked with a digital marketing agency to manage their paid campaigns but decided to bring this in-house.

They needed more control over their marketing campaigns to meet the needs of sales and to prove the value of their marketing efforts to BigID’s Leadership team.

To accomplish this, BigID was going to have to rebuild all of their ad channels, audiences, and creative assets manually — a huge effort, especially for a small team.


BigID turned to Metadata to help them scale their marketing efforts because Metadata’s platform integrated with workflows from their existing tech stack, allowed them to experiment at scale, and had a proven track record of helping B2B companies build pipeline and generate high quality, actionable sales leads.

As part of their initial Metadata launch, BigID focused on LinkedIn ads for two reasons:

  1. They knew they could trust LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities
  2. They wanted to use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to increase conversions

They used their target account list and created three initial campaigns, one for each of their three primary audiences.

Thanks to their strong content team, BigID was able to consistently experiment with new types of content for each audience.

They decided to test content they would typically only promote to one of the audiences against their two other audiences and were very surprised by the results.

The campaigns performed really well. As in some of their best performing campaigns from last year.

Without Metadata, BigID would have never thought to test this content out against their two other audiences.

Now it was easier to run experiments without having to manually set up each campaign in LinkedIn, saving them serious time.

Using Metadata with LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms was also a game-changer for the Marketing team at BigID.

This allowed them to:

  • Increase conversions from LinkedIn
  • Match personal to business email addresses
  • Use their existing workflows in Hubspot and Salesforce
  • Send fully enriched leads over to their Sales team

"I don’t go in and check how my campaigns are doing every single day, change budgets or turn things on and off. Having a dedicated tool to help me with those types of things so we could focus on the targeting and creative updates was very enticing to me."
Katie Stuart
Director, Demand Generation

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The advertising platform to rule them all!
Metadata has been the most efficient platform for managing LinkedIn and Google ads all in one place. I can easily manage audiences, ads, creatives, offers, and more. The budget grouping allows me to control how much spend to allocate by campaigns, geos, and more.
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The ability to launch campaigns simultaneously across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads is incredible
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