How Fivetran Increased Conversion by 3X and Generated $6M in Pipeline

The Company

Fivetran makes it easy for customers to focus on what matters most to them–analyzing data and making decisions–by automating data integration for 150+ data sources. They provide solutions for Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Product teams, and are trusted by companies like Square, Docusign, and lime.

The Challenge

Fivetran had two goals in mind when adopting the Metadata platform: first, they were struggling to drive high enough engagement on LinkedIn, and second, they wanted to realize more conversions among prospects who might not be inclined to sign up for a trial or demo.

The Solution

Metadata’s demand generation platform solved both problems. Fivetran is now able to more precisely target LinkedIn accounts that are a good fit for Fivetran’s solutions and nurture each account depending on where they are in the funnel.

Since Fivetran could now tell which accounts might be more ready to engage, they were able to provide engaged prospects with more targeted content, including a guide to data integration essentials.

In just six months, Fivetran had 3,300 leads at a cost of $115 each, 1,400 opportunities, and 94 closed-won deals. As of October, they have tested 2,215 campaigns against dozens of different audiences, as they continue to learn the best way to reach the customers they help.

Jonathan Weiss

Digital Marketing Manager, Fivetran

“Metadata makes it really easy to be able to say, ‘Oh, this account was from that click and they ended up being an opportunity. I don’t have to worry about manually importing leads. It’s just right there. But with any other tool, you kind of have to piece that together yourself.”

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