How GoodTime Increased Pipeline Volume from Search by 50% With Single Keyword Ad Groups

13.4% less spend
50% increase in pipeline volume
42% lower cost per opportunity
320% more dollars ($$) in pipeline


Last year, Goodtime managed over 50 active keywords in Google Search with a target  CPL that was surpassed. However, their team’s main objective remained focused on driving pipeline growth by capturing high-intent traffic and establishing Goodtime’s authority in non-branded keywords, all while avoiding unnecessary spending on non-converting terms.


Goodtime skillfully categorized keywords into low intent, high intent, and pipeline-converting terms. Simultaneously, their team updated the ads and landing pages to enhance alignment and boost quality scores. Keywords with no conversions or clicks were eliminated.Their team could identify the winning keywords by leveraging metadata’s 1:1:1 single keyword ad structure. Having fewer terms allowed them to adopt a more aggressive bidding strategy on the proven converters

“One of the hardest things was that metrics were very similar between keywords, it became a real debate of gut instinct of almost preference. We would use two keywords that had similar metrics and put them in the platform. And if one continued to perform better or worse, then one would either sink or swim.”

How they used Metadata


Test multiple keywords against different ad copy and landing pages using Metadata’s 1:1:1 single keyword ad structure


Start with a modest budget to gauge impressions and clicks.


Add Account-Level Sitelinks to strengthen ad relevancy.


Identify low intent, high intent and high-converting keywords leveraging Metadata’s experiments report.


Ensure strong visibility on incoming search terms and regularly review and exclude irrelevant terms.


Pause the low performing experiments based on keyword conversion rates. Automate the process by utilizing Metadata’s auto-pause rules.


Incrementally increase bids and budgets as they generate meaningful results.

“Don't get sentimental; Trust the data even if it reveals something that you wouldn't have thought of or agreed with. Follow Metadata’s recommendations, you’ve got to remove emotions from this part."
Andrew Geden
Growth Marketing Manager
“Bigger budgets don't always mean better quality. So, you can still find a lot of efficient success in search even if times are tight. It's just about having the right cocktail of spend, keywords, bids and budgets."
Hannah McCoy
Head of Growth Marketing

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