Metadata agency partners

Agency partners of Metadata are more efficient with their headcount & margins. They’re forward-thinking and embracing automation to differentiate themselves

Reasons to use Metadata's products

Build better B2B audiences with MetaMatch

Improve match rates on B2C channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and Display. Integrate CRM & MA to build dynamic audiences on LinkedIn & other channels! No more CSV’s!

Use Demand Hub to centralize your clients ad campaigns in one place and auto-optimize them towards MQL, SQL, Pipeline

Save your team 90% of their time by using Metadata’s campaign manager instead of using the native channels.

Gain real time access to your clients CRM & MA for attribution out of the box.

Don’t wait on your client to send you a report. Go create it yourself based on the clients data. Get closer to the metrics that matter to them!

Helping B2B marketers drive efficient growth

What you’re probably thinking right now

Is the Metadata Agency Program a fit for me?

  1. Your agency works with B2B clients.
  2. You provide at least one of the following services for your clients: Demand Generation, Account-Based Marketing, Digital Advertising, Creative Production.
  3. Your clients spend at least $35k/month advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook or display.
  4. Your clients use technologies like Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua.

What’s included in the Metadata Agency Program?

We offer marketing, sales, and services support for our agency partners. This includes co-marketing resources, sales support (to help you grow your network), partner badges, certifications, and more.

Am I eligible to join?

Any agency that is, or is willing to become a Metadata customer can be part of our Agency Program. We partner with agencies of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprise organizations.

What does it cost to join the Metadata Agency Program?

Nothing. Joining our Agency Program is 100% FREE. We don’t charge you any partner or training fees.

What’s expected of me as an Agency Partner?

We’re looking for agencies who want to grow their business. If you’re committed to growing with Metadata, we’re excited to start working with you.