Build better audiences for your campaigns

Increase your audience match rates up to 9x on Facebook and 6.5x on LinkedIn.

We know what you're thinking

My buyers aren’t on Facebook. I’ve tried Facebook before and it didn’t work. Can’t I do this already on LinkedIn? Every one of our customers said the same things too. Until they used MetaMatch.

Welcome to MetaMatch

MetaMatch, our patented personal-to-corporate identity graph, allows you to build laser-focused audiences on Facebook and LinkedIn. Except the match rate is much higher. We match based on email addresses, not cookies or IP addresses.

How MetaMatch works

With MetaMatch, you can match personal emails to legit business emails with our proprietary database of 1.5 billion (with a b) B2B profiles. Metadata customers typically see match rates between 15-40% on Facebook and 50-60% on LinkedIn.

Pick how you want to target your audience

You can create your audiences using 15 different audience types.

  • Get the flexibility you need to build the best audiences possible
  • Use dynamic account targeting with your own Salesforce data
  • Turn your intent data into a cheat code for your campaigns

Preview your audiences before you waste any money

You can see which profiles meet your audience criteria before you launch your campaigns.

  • See which types of people meet your initial audience criteria
  • Refine your criteria to get laser-focused on your audience
  • Stop wasting your budget on people who shouldn’t see your ads

Push your new audiences directly to Facebook and LinkedIn

Forget about spreadsheets and push your audiences directly to each channel.

  • Save yourself from having to manually export and upload audiences
  • Review your matched audiences directly from Metadata
  • Check the status of your audiences so you can start running campaigns

Your audience targeting shouldn’t be a black box

Oded Noy

Director of Global Demand Generation, Cynet Security

"I’ve worked with two other ABM solutions in the past and both of them were like a black box - you couldn’t see anything or know who you were actually targeting. With Metadata, you have full control, full transparency, it’s easy, you don’t need an AE’s help. Besides their data quality, this is the #1 benefit."

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