What we learned from $130M in ad spend in a down economy

What does “good performance” look like right now? We’ll tell you. We analyzed all of our customer’s paid social spend from April 2022 to April 2023.

Why read this benchmark report?

Because it’s straight data (and results) from our customers. They spent $130M on Facebook and LinkedIn during 2022 and 2023. You’ll learn:

  • The best CTAs for your ads
  • How long your ad text should be
  • The best types of images use in your ads
  • How your ads perform compared to other B2B marketers like you

Quick trivia question:

What was the main B2B paid marketing event of the decade?

If you guessed “a near-endless economic slump”, congrats!

It’s not fun. But surprisingly, it’s not all bad.

If you’ve felt economic headwinds since the spring of 2022 and think they’ve lowered demand, ad costs, and conversion rates across the board, you’d be like us before we dug into our own data. 

And spoiler, you’d be wrong.

Here’s what we know now

Successful top-of-funnel efforts are actually cheaper in 2023 than they were pre-April 2022. Overall ad spend is flattening out, not plunging.

We know this because we studied all of our customer data. In this report, we look at their aggregate results and the differences pre- and post- April 2022.


Ad spend


Total experiments






Opportunities created (not influenced)


Pipeline created (not influenced)

2023 Paid social benchmarks

Read this year's full 38-page report to learn what good paid social performance on Facebook and LinkedIn looks like in a down economy.