June 2023 Release: Take back your summer Fridays

Summer is here, and with it are those summer weekends we all dream about. The ones where you’re poolside with a cold drink in your hand, a warm sun overhead, and nothing on your mind but your beach read.

We’re here to help you reclaim your summer Fridays with a suite of features that boost your productivity, save you time, optimize your campaigns, and give you the peace of mind you need to kick back and relax.

What’s New:

Metadata Studios

We’ve made it easier for marketers to customize their Metadata Demand Hub.

Out of the box, you’ll have access to all the essential features that enhance your productivity, automate paid campaigns, and generate more revenue. (Check out our product tour here)

But now, you can add different levers to the platform that enhance your performance.

  • Content Studio: Add-ons that help level-up creativity and personalization.
  • Reporting Studio: Features that boost your attribution and insights.
  • Targeting Studio: Levers that increase audiences and enrichment.
  • Enterprise: Upgrades that support the Metadata Enterprise experience.

Metadata Generate

Writer’s recent AI report found that 56% of respondents say generative AI boosts productivity by at least 50%. When you consider Metadata saves B2B marketers thousands of hours and dollars – this partnership was a no-brainer.

Don’t believe us? Peep the ROI calculation in the Demand Hub:

With this release, you get the best of Writer to generate copy for all the different parts of your ads, from headlines to descriptions. You can expect a boost in productivity while Metadata takes care of the boring and repetitive tasks of creating ad copy from scratch, saving a lot of time.

The best part? The generative AI is trained on high-quality marketing content to give you valuable, effective suggestions for your copywriting, and the AI actually learns from successful ad copy.

To get started, contact your CSM.

Metadata Discover and DiscoverAPI

These new features pack a big, complimentary punch.

Metadata Discover:

The Discover report provides insights into website visitors, including unique visitor counts, visited web pages, and translations. It helps reveal hidden marketing opportunities, supports ABM strategies, and facilitates targeting success (looking at you customers using brand awareness-heavy and ungated approaches). Metadata Discover is updated daily.

Metadata DiscoverAPI:

Metadata DiscoverAPI is a small piece of Javascript placed on your website, allowing Metadata to identify visits. Metadata DiscoverAPI provides real-time updates and presents a data confidence score for assessing data reliability.

Now this might sound super technical, but here’s why it’s awesome:

This information helps in understanding the characteristics and background of the visitors, enabling more targeted and personalized experiences, and it unlocks ABM and brand awareness strategies by enabling effective targeting.

To get started, reach out to your CSM.


Dedicated Instagram Channel

We heard you loud and clear: the Meta channels need their own space. With this release, Instagram is now a standalone channel on Metadata’s platform. Now you have more flexibility and control over your Instagram campaigns.

Ad previews for FB and IG directly from Meta API

Hot off the press – Metadata now has ad previews directly from Meta APIs. With that, Metadata will have coverage for Stories, Reels, and other placements from FB and IG, showing exactly as users see natively.

Content Library: GIF support

GIF are now available as Creative.

Hubspot CRM: Advanced Attribution Settings (Advanced+By Model)

This is a crucial feature for customers who are using Hubspot CRM. Now Hubspot customers can configure the account and model level attribution settings to make the Opportunity Report more customizable and valuable for every client.

Go reclaim your summer Fridays

You work hard – you deserve a solution that makes your hard work go further. With Metadata, you’ll have everything you need to put your great ideas to work, automate time-consuming tasks and get the kind of results that make marketing feel like magic.

Happy Summer from all of us at Metadata. May your margaritas be cold and your campaigns be hot.

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