2022 Paid Social Benchmarks

What We Learned From $42M in Spend on Facebook and LinkedIn

The type of paid social benchmarks every demand gen marketer looks for and can never find.

Between the guide and data set, you will learn:

How much time have you wasted looking for up-to-date benchmarks and tips on Google?

It’s hard to run legit paid campaigns when you don’t have the data.

We’re tired of bad paid campaigns. And we’re here to help B2B marketers—whether they’re a fit for Metadata or not.

That’s why we’re sharing anonymized platform data to help B2B marketers run better paid campaigns. Paid campaigns that generated pipeline and revenue.

Not just benchmarks and insights.

Raw data from real customers that you can slice and dice however you’d like.

So what’s working? And how do you stack up?

To find out, we looked at $42M in ad spend from Metadata customers, analyzing actual campaign data from every experiment ran in 2021.

  • $42M Ad spend
  • 75k Campaign experiments
  • 4.9M Clicks
  • 236k Leads
  • 6.5k Opportunities created (not influenced)
  • $25B Pipeline influenced
  • $188M Pipeline created (not influenced)
  • $22M Closed-won revenue (not influenced)

See how you stack up

Dig into the full data set and start setting your own benchmarks for 2022.