Exploring the Impact of Ad Formats Across Different Channels at Metadata.io


At Metadata.io, we track and analyze the performance of various ad formats on different social platforms to optimize our marketing strategies. Our recent data unveils some intriguing insights into how different ad types perform on LinkedIn and Facebook, providing a clear picture of what works best where.

Note: this data looks at past 6 months data (from Dec 2023 to June 2024) and is focused on ad format on Linkedin and Facebook.

LinkedIn set

  1. Convo Ads: Stellar performance with the highest ROI on influenced opportunities at an astounding 106 and a cost per lead (CPL) at $314. These ads also generated a whopping $262M in influenced opportunity amount from a total spend of $2.5M.
  2. Image Ads: These ads have shown great promise with an ROI on influenced opportunities of 28 and a low CPL of $168. The total influenced opportunity amount stands impressively at $519M making them a cost-effective choice for large-scale impact.
  3. Document Ads: Best for triggering direct opportunities, these ads have an ROI on triggered opportunities of 9 and the lowest CPL at $117. They have influenced over $66M in opportunities.
  4. Video Ads: Offering a solid ROI on influenced opportunities of 3 and a CPL of $953, these ads are effective for engagement and brand storytelling, influencing over $6M in opportunities.
  5. Carousel Ads: Though slightly more expensive with a CPL of $947, these ads provide a good balance between cost and effectiveness, with an ROI on influenced opportunities at 2.

Facebook set

  1. Image Ads: Clearly the frontrunner on Facebook with an ROI on influenced opportunities at 43 and a CPL of $177. They have generated a massive $217M in influenced opportunity amount.
  2. Video Ads: More modest in performance with an ROI on influenced opportunities of 0.7 and a CPL of $276, reflecting the platform’s preference for more engaging, visual content.
  3. Carousel Ads: The most expensive with a CPL of $2K and lower ROI metrics (0.2 on influenced opportunities), suggesting a need to revisit the strategy or creative approach for this format on Facebook.

Insights and Strategy Moving Forward

The data highlights the importance of tailoring ad formats to the strengths of each platform. LinkedIn’s professional environment is highly receptive to Convo and Document ads, which drive significant ROI and lead generation.

On the other hand, Facebook’s diverse and vast user base responds well to visually engaging content like Image ads.

Caveats and Notes
  • ROI-influenced opportunities: This is determined by the Ad conversion event that was tied to the account with an opportunity.
  • ROI-triggered opportunities: This is determined if the ad conversion event was directly part of a sales opportunity that was created

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