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3 audiences / month
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Billed $3000 Annually
Save $540 Annually
+0 Bonus Audiences
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Helping B2B marketers get better targeting across paid channels

Welcome to MetaMatch

MetaMatch is a B2B targeting platform that helps demand gen marketers build more accurate audiences on channels like Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


We do this using our proprietary database of 800 million B2B profiles from 10+ different data sources like Kickfire, PeerSpot, and LeadSift.

Look under the MetaMatch hood

See how you can build better audiences and be confident you’re targeting the right people with MetaMatch.

The results speak for themselves too

Zingtree’s marketing team wanted to start running paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The only problem was they knew they couldn’t rely on native targeting to get it right.

“If you create audiences natively on LinkedIn or Facebook, there's no way to say ‘give me companies who use Zendesk and then target support directors there’. It’s just not possible without MetaMatch.”
Grant Duncan
VP Marketing, Zingtree

They can say it better than we can

"MetaMatch has a ton of targeting options. The combination of LinkedIn targeting + Salesforce dynamic lists has been especially powerful for us. we can use SFDC fields, including 6sense predictive values, to build dynamic account lists."
Matt Gibbons
Senior Manager - Digital Marketing, SecurityScorecard
“Metadata has greatly helped us to hone in on our very niche B2B audience with new audience types not available natively in LinkedIn and Facebook.”
Kyle Cohenour
Digital Marketing Manager, ConnectWise
"I knew our buyers were on Facebook. I just couldn’t find them without wasting my budget. MetaMatch helped us get in front of our B2B audience on Facebook and generate qualified leads our Sales team was actually excited about."
Tim Davidson
Sr. Director, Marketing, Directive

We had a feeling you might ask

Can I buy MetaMatch by itself?

You can buy MetaMatch annually or go month-to-month. It’s a great way to start using Metadata before you're ready for the Marketing OS.

What’s the difference between MetaMatch and native targeting?

While you can use both MetaMatch and native targeting in Metadata, there are a few differences between the two:

  • MetaMatch audiences rely on Metadata’s proprietary database of over 800 million contacts pulled from 10+ data providers. Native targeting audiences rely on the ad channel’s native data and filter criteria.
  • MetaMatch audience criteria are based on fields in the MetaMatch database. Native targeting audience criteria are based on the fields used for targeting on the ad channels.
  • MetaMatch audiences always produce a contact list that is uploaded as a custom audience on ad channels. Native targeting criteria inform the targeting settings on the ad channel.

What types of audiences can you build using MetaMatch?

Here are a couple of ways our customers use MetaMatch:

ICP audiences: Directly from your ICP results on the 'Profile' page you can send the results to 'Custom Audience' to build a list of companies and contacts that are an exact match.

Target Company audiences: If you have a list of companies that are on your sales team's list of targets, you can input those company names into the 'Company Name' field and input the Contacts criteria related to the decision makers at those companies.

Customized audiences: If you have a specific campaign that you want to experiment on a specific audience, you can build the criteria to your liking.

How does building new audiences work?

Each month, you get to build a new set of audiences depending on your contract.

Example: if you have the advanced package, you'll get six new audiences to create. Over the course of the year, you'll have the opportunity to build 72 audiences.

Don’t just take our word for it

Quick design & launch of campaigns
Automated optimization & budget shifting. Clear visibility into key metrics & spend. Easy experimentation to help you course-correct quicker.
Tamara T.
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
The advertising platform to rule them all!
Metadata has been the most efficient platform for managing LinkedIn and Google ads all in one place. I can easily manage audiences, ads, creatives, offers, and more. The budget grouping allows me to control how much spend to allocate by campaigns, geos, and more.
Verified User in Computer Software
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
The ability to launch campaigns simultaneously across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads is incredible
It saves countless hours of duplicitous work and provides unmatched visibility into the best-performing channels.
Maggie D.
Validated reviewer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
4.6 based on 274 reviews