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How Triggered 26 Opportunities and $8M in Pipeline With Metadata


The Company

In today’s global digital economy, competition for top talent can be fierce. gives its customers an edge by employing deep learning AI to find and attract the best candidates, leverage internal talent for new projects, and remove unconscious bias from the hiring workforce. Eightfold helps HR teams at companies like Hulu, Twilio, Postames, and CapitalOne create the efficient and diverse workforces necessary to fuel growth. 

The Challenge

Because Eightfold has many powerful use cases and solves a problem shared by B2B and B2C businesses alike, trying to prioritize accounts and generate net-new inbound was overwhelming. While Eightfold had an extensive list of target accounts to which they hoped to deliver impressions, they were limited to audiences within LinkedIn and display campaigns reliant on reverse-IP targeting. 

The Solution

Using Eightfold’s clear growth objectives, Metadata generated quality leads from target accounts,  engaged them through display, and converted them on social. As lead to MQL conversion rates improved, the platform tracked top-to-bottom funnel progression all the way to closed revenue.

Limited audience lists meant that optimizing campaigns was difficult at first. Over the course of two years though, Eightfold tested hundreds of ads in the Metadata platform, learning from and improving upon each one. July 2020 was their most successful ad performance to date in terms of leads, MQL’s, CPL, and triggered pipeline.

we engaged target accounts through display, converted them on social, and watched them become revenue by tracking mqls and opps in the platform

Most platforms will only offer you ABM targeting via display advertising or social, but never both together. In the case of Metadata, I have display targeting and social targeting in the same place.

Carlos Tobon
Head of Demand Generation

EIGHTFOLD.AI'S Best Performing Ads

The Results

From this ad alone, Eightfold saw:

CTR: 0.53%

Leads: 337

CPL: $170.55

MQLs: 216

Lead → MQL Rate: 64%

FCR: 14%

Influenced Opportunities: 114

In the last year, Eightfold used Metadata to generate 2800 leads, 2000 of which were from target accounts. They triggered 26 opportunities and closed thirteen deals with target accounts.