Watch the recordings from the first annual EMY awards and get inspired for your next campaign.

Your 2022 Experimental Marketer(s) of the Year

Sruthi Kumar, Gabrielle Riechert, & Brianna Valleskey, Former Marketing Team at Sendoso

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The rest of the 2022 EMY finalists

We were blown away by the creativity from every EMY finalist. They all took massive marketing swings that paid off BIG last year.

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Jonathan Ronzio​

CMO, Trainual
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Ognjen Bošković

Growth Lead, CXL

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Ben Winn

Manager, Brand & Community Marketing, Catalyst

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Lorna Malja

Digital Marketing Manager, Starburst

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Ryan Kelly

VP, Growth Marketing Domino Data Lab

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Melissa Rosenthal

Chief Creative Officer, ClickUp