How to create product tours that convert

Product tours have been all the rage

We couldn’t help but dive into the topic with Natalie Marcotullio, the Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic. 

Let us tell you, Natalie is a true powerhouse. Her extensive experience has made her an expert in best practices. With the countless tours she has made, witnessed, and analyzed, she knows exactly what works and what doesn’t.

So, why do people need product tours? Sure, some companies may have videos on their site, thinking that’s sufficient. But a product tour brings so much more to the table. 

It offers so much value to incorporate but often companies are hesitant or they do it wrong. Once you’ve experienced a well-crafted product tour, you’ll never settle for less.

Here are the key takeaways:

Put yourself in their shoes

Think of yourself as a buyer. Often we’re so sick of the process. Think of how many prospects you have that have gone through the same thing, such as long times to wait and see the demo, or no product information besides an employer screenshot on a website.

We’ve moved into a phase where we’re all expert buyers, right, like we all learned to improve it, how to become little detectives and do our research, so rather than gating as much as possible from the buyer. Let them buy the way they want to buy.

Think of a product tour as an appetizer

People often worry about showing the whole product to their competitors. But how much do you already know about your competitors? You’ve probably seen demos of your competitors and know their prices, etc. 

But with a product tour, you’re not showing everything, only a bite-size snack portion of the bigger meal. Think of about 8-15 slides.

If you find a way to gather that invasion, but on top of all that product, force really should not be the full product as anything; a metaphor often used, it’s like an appetizer. 

It should be small and enticing and get you excited about the main meal, or the demo in this case. 

So you’re not showing your whole product in 30 seconds to a minute, what it is doing is validating the person; OK this does what it says it does and they get a high-level understanding of the value.

Weed out the wrong people

It’s important to find the best fit. Sales reps and BDRs often worry product tours might steal their thunder. 

By the time they get to that first call, they’ve had some introduction and teams have experienced 30% less time on that first early stage demos. People will already have an idea of the product could be the right fit for them.

They should get the best-fit customers to you, it’s going to eliminate the amount of time you spend on those first meetings versus giving a high-level harbor tour and dive right into the value on that first call. Everyone’s looking to be more efficient and make sure the best customers get to you faster.

Work with your sales team for copy

You might not be a copywriter, but you don’t necessarily have to be. Here are some key notes when writing copy for a product tour.

  • Think of a short LinkedIn post as the ideal amount of text.
  • If the salesperson was there on the phone, what would they be saying? What would those one-liners look like? Talk with your sales team to align the language.
  • Always refer back to the brand voice for consistency across all content.

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