Run your Google Ads with Metadata​

Automate your Google Ads campaigns and drive more revenue – without all the manual and repetitive work.

Metadata helps B2B marketers automate paid campaigns and drive more revenue

You've been burned by Google Ads before

From using the incorrect match type to forgetting negative keywords to relying on the wrong bidding strategy. All amateur hour mistakes that kill your budget and performance. With Google Ads more complex and expensive than ever before, it’s not getting any easier to run your campaigns manually.

This is a legit game-changer for B2B marketers

Spend less time launching campaigns

You can use our campaign builder to launch Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn campaigns from the same screen. Say goodbye to multiple tabs

Optimize your campaigns to pipeline

Your boss doesn’t care about clicks and conversions so let Metadata optimize your campaigns to metrics that actually matter

See all of your paid channels in a single view

From impression to triggered opportunity - you can see how your paid channels are performing without any spreadsheets

Mike Smith

VP of Revenue Marketing, LaunchDarkly

"I can finally see which Google Ads campaigns are generating pipeline and revenue, right next to my Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns. All from the same screen. This saves my team serious time from having to do this work on their own."

Automate your Google Ads with Metadata

Metadata eliminates manual and repetitive work to run your Google Ads campaigns. That means less time stressing about mistakes like incorrect match types, forgetting set up steps, or using the wrong bidding strategy – and more time driving revenue.
  • Run hyper-targeted campaigns
    Automates 1:1:1 set up (one keyword, one ad, one landing page) at the keyword level so you can run hyper-targeted campaigns in your sleep
  • Increase your quality score
    Inserts your keyword into display paths dynamically to make your ads more relevant and increase your quality score
  • Get more out of your budget
    Sets smart optimization rules so poor performing experiments are turned off and your spend is optimized across channels

Don’t worry, we figured you might ask

Can I use MetaMatch audiences on Google Search Ads?

Google only allows you to use first-party data when building audiences. You can’t use third-party data to build firmographic or intent data audiences like G2 or Bombora.

Can I use Metadata to do keyword research?

As part of the initial release, no. It’s included in our next release so you will have the ability to do keyword research in Metadata very soon.

Which keyword match types can I use?

The default keyword match type for the initial release is phrase match. In our next release, you will have the ability to adjust your keyword match types across phrase, broad and exact.

Which optimization goals do you use?

We default to maximize conversions as our primary goal. You do have the ability to switch between maximizing conversions, target CPA, and manual CPC bidding based on your goals and strategy.

How does your pricing work?

We're not in the nickel-and-diming business. It’s based on the total ad spend in your contract. We allow you to allocate your spend between your paid channels that you see drive the best performance in Metadata.

Do you offer UTM tracking?

Yes, we offer standard UTM tracking. We also allow you to use custom UTMs so you can get more granular reporting.

Where do I create my ads?

You can create your ads in the Metadata Library or Campaign Builder.

Is there a minimum spend?

No, there isn’t a minimum spend specific to Google Ads.

What core functionality do you support?

We support bid strategies, ad extensions, negative keywords, and responsive search ads.

See it in action

Get the full rundown at our product webinar on how you can use Metadata to automate your Google Ads.