Metadata Empowers Marketers

Metadata vs. Manual Work

Reclaim your workday from the manual tasks that drag you down. Metadata automates optimization, budget pacing and audience building across channels.

The Big Differentiators

Metadata does some things in seconds, that would take humans hours. Here are five ways we save you time, make your budget go further and get you better results.

Comparison Chart

Metadata doesn’t replace your demand generation team, but it does make their work more efficient. Below you can see all of the manual work we replace so that your team can focus their time where they’re irreplaceable.
Optimize Spend for More Revenue
Accurate Budget Pacing
Cross-Channel Optimization
Multi-Channel Campaign Launches
Reporting on Pipeline and Revenue
Reporting on Custom KPIs
Dynamic Account List Audiences
Split Testing at Scale
Building Audiences Across Channels
Multivariate Reporting
Pausing Bad Performing Ads
Pausing Bad Performing Audiences
Campaign Planning
Advert Copywriting
Audience Profiling
Creating Your Story
Creating Visual Assets
Strategic Guidance

Take Back Your Time and Get Better Results with Metadata

There are some things tech can't replace. Spend your time on those tasks and let Metadata handle the rest. You'll have more time to make an impact all while watching your results improve.