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Olivier L'Abbé

Hello Metadata friends and family! My name is Olivier L’Abbé, and I’m the new president of! I couldn’t be more excited about my new role, and I just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself and say a few words.

It’s a great time to be on the Metadata team as it ramps up for growth and aims to solve a huge challenge facing marketers today – the burden of repetitive, mundane manual tasks. As Metadata ventures into new and exciting territory, I have the honor of joining the team as president.

I look forward to executing on our strategy as we go after the B2B marketing operations market. As president, I will be the lead on go-to-market efforts, customer success and business development.

Before Metadata I was SVP of Sales at G2, and that’s actually where I met Metadata CEO, Gil Allouche. G2 became a Metadata customer after seeing so many companies build these amazing, predictable lead pipelines at scale using Metadata’s AI-powered technology. I also led and built sales teams at Fliptop – which was acquired by LinkedIn.

The opportunity to join the company and bring this game-changing innovation to the forefront of the market was one I couldn’t turn down – and that was just one reason to join the team. Here are the top five reasons why Metadata was the right fit for me:

1. The technology is cutting edge.

At the core, we are able to remove the human element around running and operationalizing digital marketing campaigns. This historically has been rife with tedious and mundane tasks. We can now help our customers leverage AI to run hundreds of experiments at scale to ensure we deliver the highest converting ads to the right channels at the right time. Historically I’ve thought of myself as a product person in a salesperson’s body. The reason I bring this up – I love working with our customers to better understand their business so that we can work to help them solve complex problems. Gil and the team encourage these behaviors and welcome the challenge. I find this very inspiring and exciting at the same time.


2. The team.

It’s remarkable to see what Gil and the team were able to create in such a short time. Not only have they built a unique product, but they’ve also managed to acquire and retain some amazing customers like Nutanix, Splunk, Zendesk, and others. On top of that, the company recently won a Timmy Award for Best Workplace Diversity.

3. The customers.

I was fortunate to attend Metadata’s first annual customer event in October. During the event, customer after customer came to introduce themselves and share stories on how effective their marketing team was now operating since partnering with Metadata.

The additional value from our platform is that we can help companies with predictability as they look to scale. The challenging questions such as “how much should I spend on this channel and which creatives should I use?” — can now be answered! This enables our customers to focus on the more exciting parts of marketing around creative, brand and content creation. I saw that as a major win for everyone involved.

4. It’s challenging – in the best possible way.

This gives me the opportunity to bring everything I’ve learned in MarTech these last six years full circle. I loved my time building sales teams at Fliptop and G2. I love the speed and chaos that comes from early-stage companies. I feel I tend to thrive in this environment and I’m super excited to be starting over.

5. I can remain close to the G2 ecosystem I helped build.

G2 is an incredible platform to help both buyers and sellers find one another. The Metadata platform enables G2 customers in a few ways. First, we can use the G2 content to target active buyers. Secondly, we can use the G2 first-party intent data so marketing teams can be advertising to active buyers. This is a great partnership that will continue to evolve.

Although my journey at Metadata is just beginning, it has already been filled with momentum and pace that brings out my passion to build teams and companies.

You can expect to see big things from Metadata in the coming months.

I look forward to getting to know everyone in this incredible Metadata community! Please feel free to drop me a line and introduce yourself:

By Marketers, For Marketers Ep. 5: AI in Marketing and Sales Systems

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